Preparing for labour

Becoming a mother brings with it a great surge of emotions and feelings. During this time a woman will need an element of courage and a lot of preparation to deal with the new challenges presented to her.

The antenatal classes given at Instituto Bernabeu by the midwives: Joaquina Viejo Huertas, Valentina Andújar Nuñez and Isabel Robles Martínez have the following goals:

  • • To prepare the mother physically, mentally and emotionally for a comfortable labour and delivery of the baby.
  • • To enrich her knowledge of pregnancy, labour and puerperium.
  • • To learn ways of being pro-active during labour and the subsequent upbringing of the new members of the family, overcoming any fears and anxieties.

Bringing a supporting partner is encouraged along with comfortable clothing. There will be theory sessions accompanied by practical exercises that will teach you how to stretch, how to breathe and how to relax. The course comprises of eight sessions each one lasting 2 hours, on Tuesdays from 1900 to 2100.

First Session: Pregnancy, third trimester’s physiological changes. Labour signs.

Second Session: Labour stages: premonitory symptoms, and full labour signals.

Third Session: Types of birth: normal, with instruments, caesareans. Controlling pain through labour: epidural.

Fourth Session: Puerperium period: physical and psychological changes. Maternal care.

Fifth Session: Postnatal physical recovery. Pelvic floor.

Sixth Session: Breastfeeding.

Seventh Session: Upbringing: beginning a new stage in life. Sexuality and contraceptive methods.

Eighth Session: Newborn care.

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