First visit

You can request a consultation at any of our clinics.

From the very first moment you contact us, all our team is at your complete disposal, ready to help. In this way we can make the best use of your time given that, with some fertility issues, a multudisciplianry approach is required: gynaecologists, geneticists, andrologists, etc.

The first visit begins with a thorough study of your medical history, for which we ask that you send all information and results you have so that we can save you time and the unnecessary repetition of tests which have already been conducted.

The gynaecologist responsible will write a report on your case detailing all the possible treatment options as well as any additional tests which may be required.

Your gynaecologist will personally coordinate and monitor the whole treatment process. At Instituto Bernabeu we consider it essential to personalise each treatment and so as well as you gynaecologist you will have the assistance of a complete care assistant or ACI, who is a nurse specialised in fertility patient care. Your ACI will offer you advice and support and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you have to travel from afar we try to complete all the tests in one visit. That way you will avoid future trips.

If you can not attend a first visit then there is the possibility of doing the consultation via Skype.

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