Instituto Bernabeu analyses the impact of the vaginal microbiome on pregnancy rates in assisted reproduction treatment patients

  • 11-12-2018

The research is part of an extensive project submitted to the 1st National Congress of the Spanish Infertility and Sterility Society

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Eight scientific research papers developed by Instituto Bernabeu were presented at the 1st Spanish Sterility and Infertility Congress held in Valladolid

  • 05-12-2018

Instituto Bernabeu was present at the 1st Spanish Sterility and Infertility Congress (SEISEGO) that was held within the framework of the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) event. Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director of the reproductive medicine clinic, is the society’s vice president and, as a prominent expert in the field, he opened the congress by moderating the first round table debate entitled ‘Updates in the basic analysis of the sterile partner’ along with Ana Belén Rodríguez.

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Human Fertility mentions Instituto Bernabeu research that has discovered the genetic variants in implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss

  • 27-11-2018

Research is our lifeline. Each and every step is an accomplishment in prognosis for patients who have all the odds against them. In its October edition, Human Fertility, the prestigious scientific magazine mentioned research work undertaken exclusively by Instituto Bernabeu scientists that opens the doors to accelerating diagnosis in patients who have experienced implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss. It also helps prognosis with a view to providing early treatment for these patients.

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The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation addresses assisted reproduction aimed at avoiding the transmission of genetic disorders at the 4th edition of the National Rare Diseases Congress

  • 14-11-2018

The Rafael Bernabeu Welfare Foundation participated in the 4th edition of the National Rare Diseases Congress held in Ibi, a municipality of Alicante, on 30th and 31st October. It addressed the role of assisted reproduction treatment in avoiding transmission of genetic disorders. The congress aims to give people with rare diseases and experts in the field visibility, as well providing a forum for sharing information and analysis.

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Dr Andrea Bernabeu participates in a symposium on the role of family medicine in detecting infertility

  • 13-11-2018

Dr Andrea Bernabeu, a gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu, participated in the ‘Family Medicine: the present, the past and the future’ symposium held on 26th October. It was organised within the framework of the 36th National Congress of Medicine Students (CNEM), 14th international edition, held in Alicante between 24th and 26th October. This collaboration falls within the framework of the Instituto Bernabeu and Miguel Hernández University (UMH) Chair of Reproductive and Community Medicine. One of the main objectives of the Chair is to ensure primary prevention of infertility and to provide general practitioners, gynaecologists and the general population with information on fertility. 

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Instituto Bernabeu plays an active role in refresher workshops on reproductive medicine held in Albacete

  • 07-11-2018

Instituto Bernabeu actively participated in the workshops on reproductive medicine held in Castilla La Mancha, Albacete, on 19th and 20th October. The workshops were sponsored by Ferring. The aim was to share knowledge and latest updates. Lydia Luque, a gynaecologist and head of the clinic in Albacete, presented the event. It involved participation by doctors and biologists from 4 private clinics as well as an additional four specialist hospitals located in the Castilla La Mancha area that have human reproduction departments. “The aim was to review, refresh and share knowledge in order to progress, improve processes and improve management,” summarises Dr Luque.

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Gynaecologist Andrea Bernabeu manages the workshop on personalised treatment in an event on reproductive medicine held in Valencia

  • 06-11-2018

Andrea Bernabeu, a gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu, coordinated the Personalisation and Individualisation of Reproductive Medicine Treatment workshop held in Valencia. Dr Bernabeu was part of a group of experts who participated in the 3rd edition of the Clinical Workshops on Reproductive Medicine. Specialists from different clinics shared their knowledge and updates based on scientific and clinical evidence. The aim was to improve approaches to patients. 

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The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation presents 15,000 euros in scholarships to six top medicine, nursing and biotechnology students

  • 30-10-2018

The President of the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation and Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu presented six scholarships for a total amount of 15,000 euros to students with excellent academic results and limited financial resources in order to help them continue with their studies. Within the framework of its commitment to society, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation awarded scholarships worth 2,500 euros each to six medicine, nursing and biotechnology university students in order to cover the cost of fees and study material.

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Instituto Bernabeu participates in the 14th edition of the Congress of Pharmacy Students

  • 24-10-2018

Instituto Bernabeu once again participated in the Congress of Pharmacy Students (CEFA). It held its 14th edition this year. Future pharmacists got to know the Instituto Bernabeu clinic headquarters in Alicante and gained first-hand knowledge of the role that pharmacists play in assisted reproduction treatment.

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Instituto Bernabeu participates in the training course for pelvic floor specialists run by Castilla La Mancha University

  • 23-10-2018

In addition to its patient treatment, healthcare and research work, teaching is part of Instituto Bernabeu’s DNA. This month, Instituto Bernabeu will participate in a postgraduate course run by Castilla La Mancha University for pelvic floor specialists. The course is aimed at physical medicine and rehabilitation experts in order to give them a comprehensive view of pelvic floor pathologies.

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Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, are organising the third edition of the Master's Course in Male Infertility

  • 17-10-2018

Instituto Bernabeu and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) are organising the 3rd edition of the Master’s Course in Male Infertility that will be given at UCLM and at the reproductive medicine clinic. The aim is to broaden knowledge of reproductive medicine and the focus will be on the issues that men have when trying to conceive and the fact that this factor is equally as significant as infertility in women.

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Doctors Llácer and Llaneza participate in the 2nd Symposium on Controversies in Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine

  • 11-10-2018

Dr Joaquín Llácer, an expert in ovarian reserve and Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu, and Dr Ángela Llaneza, a gynaecologist and specialist in epidemiology at Instituto Bernabeu, participated in the 2nd Symposium on Controversies in Reproduction and Perinatal Medicine held on 27th and 28th September in the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid.

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The Instituto Bernabeu takes part in the Master’s on Community Pharmacy Direction and Management organised by the UMH

  • 10-10-2018

The Instituto Bernabeu is helping out once again this year in the University Master’s on Community Pharmacy Direction and Management & Optimization of Pharmaceutical Care organised by the Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH). Doctor Andrea Bernabeu has taken part in this fourth edition that deals with aspects related to pregnancy and maternal-child health with theoretical and practical classes. In addition to the classrooms this year, there is a new showroom laboratory that has been fitted out like a real pharmacy so that the students can get some hands-on experience. The personal assistant of the Instituto Bernabeu, Tamara Ruiz.

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Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante manage the 7th edition of the Master's Course in Reproductive Medicine

  • 02-10-2018

Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante (UA) will manage the 7th edition of the Master's Course in Reproductive Medicine for the 2018-2019 academic year. The aim is to provide experts from the world of health sciences with excellent and comprehensive training in the field of reproductive medicine.

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Instituto Bernabeu proposes ovarian sensitivity as a new marker in assisted reproduction

  • 26-09-2018

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted a clinical study to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) congress that proposes ovarian sensitivity as a new marker in assisted reproduction.

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A lecture at Instituto Bernabeu on the impact of advanced paternal age on pregnancy and on the child

  • 25-09-2018

What is the impact of the father’s age on his child’s health? This question was the backbone of the professional gathering that took place on 13th September in the Instituto Bernabeu auditorium, Alicante. 

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New IB Newsletter: Three pieces of scientific research accepted to the FFER infertility congress in France

  • 19-09-2018

The new Instituto Bernabeu Group newsletter is now available, dedicated to our last reserach work accepted at FFER congress 2018.

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Instituto Bernabeu submits three pieces of scientific research to the FFER infertility congress in France

  • 13-09-2018

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted three items of research work to the French Federation of Reproduction Studies (FFER) Congress that will be held in the French city of Lyon between 12th and 14th September. The event will bring together over 600 experts from all over the world who will exchange information on the latest updates in fertility and reproduction.

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A study performed by Instituto Bernabeu assesses whether it is preferable to perform freezing or fresh transfer following embryo biopsy

  • 12-09-2018

Research performed by Instituto Bernabeu has looked into whether fresh transfer or deferred transfer through cryopreservation followed by defrosting is the best strategy for carrying out pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidies (PGT-A).

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Advances in embryo biopsy techniques: IB workshop for biologists

  • 11-09-2018

As a part of our continuous training programme, an intensive theoretical and practical seminar entitled ‘Advanced Workshop in Embryo Biopsy: Techniques and tips for usage’ will take place. The workshop is aimed at reproduction biologists who are specialised in micro-handling techniques.

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