Rafael Bernabeu Foundation helps preserving fertility for women suffering breast cancer

  • 19-10-2020

Instituto Bernabeu Social Fund undertakes for the last 13 years, the egg freeze costs so they may become mothers after overcoming the disease.

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Instituto Bernabeu sends all the data to the SEF National Activity Registry, who gathers the assisted reproduction real activity in Spain

  • 14-10-2020

The Spanish Fertility Society (SEF in Spanish) has accredited Instituto Bernabeu with a SEF Registry - National Activity Registry participation certificate, this is the Health, Consumer affairs and Social Services Ministry official registry for the assisted reproduction techniques.

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Dr Andrea Bernabeu addresses “The insuitable uterus” at the ESHRE Campus about the latest investigations applied in the pregnancy’s vaginal microbiome

  • 07-10-2020

Medical coordinator at Instituto Bernabeu, doctor Andrea Bernabeu, has given a lecture about the implications of the vaginal microbiome in pregnancy within the ESHRE Campus. A Forum debate for knowledge exchange in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, one of the most important worldwide. The meeting held the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October and under the title “The insuitable uterus” has put the spotlight on the uterus, its diagnosis and study.

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Instituto Bernabeu Embryology Unit director addresses the embryo biopsy influence on an on-line lecture for Chinese specialists

  • 30-09-2020

Instituto Bernabeu Embryology Unit director, doctor Jorge Ten, offers a virtual lecture aimed towards Chinese Healthcare professionals on September 23rd.

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New IB Newsletter: In these uncertain times, now more than ever, at Instituto Bernabeu you have our guarantee

  • 24-09-2020

We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". Pregnancy and childbirth guarantee programme or 100% reimbursment.

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Multimple pregnancy incidence increases after the ebryo biopsy according to a study made by Insitituto Bernabeu and published in the specialised magazine JBRA

  • 23-09-2020

A study carried out by Instituto Bernabeu’s Reproduction Biology, Molecular Biology and Reproductive Medicine and Genetics units, about the embryo biopsy incidence on blastocysts stage (uterus implantation previous phase, around day 5 of embryo development) shows a slight increase of multiple monozygotic pregnancies when using this technique. This study has been published in the Brazilian Society and the Assisted Medicine Latin-American Web along the Brazilian Embryologists Association JBRA scientific magazine.

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Instituto Bernabeu study relates progesterone to uterine contractility and its effect on patients with embryo implantation failure

  • 09-09-2020

Dr. Belén Moliner has led new research that was presented at the last congress of the European Fertility Society (ESHRE). The study focused on patients with poor reproductive prognosis, relating progesterone levels to the analysis of uterine contractions on the day of the embryo transfer.

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Free download the Guide to ease the way to help lesbian, bisexual and transgender women become parents

  • 03-09-2020

At Instituto Bernabeu we know families have different colours. To ease the way to lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples we have created this Guide which you may download for free.

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New 2019 pregnancy rates available

  • 02-09-2020

Statistics with the pregnancy rates achieved in 2019 are now published on our website.

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Instituto Bernabeu carries out research into the differences in the vaginal microbiome of patients who have been diagnosed with embryo implantation failure

  • 26-08-2020

Instituto Bernabeu has carried out research work that analyses if the vaginal and endometrial microbiome is different in patients who have been diagnosed with recurrent implantation failure (with an uncertain reproduction prognosis). The clinic compared them with women who undergo assisted reproduction treatment but who do not have a diagnosis of this kind.

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