Instituto Bernabeu exposes in the scientific journal Fertility and Sterility the ovary epigenetics in women with low eggs reserve

  • 31-03-2021

The team formed by doctors Belen Lledo, Jose Antonio Ortiz and Rafael Bernabeu have carried out an analysis on the epigenetic profile of women with low ovarian reserve which has just been published in the scientific journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) , Fertility and Sterility.

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Instituto Bernabeu has created IBgen POF, the most complete genetic study to diagnose ovarian failure and offer a personalised reproductive advise

  • 24-03-2021

Continuous research and the desire to improve the prognosis of those who trust the Instituto Bernabeu has allowed the clinic to develop the most complete genetic study of premature ovarian failure (POF).

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NEW IB NEWSLETTER: IBgen POF, the new ovarian failure genetic study

  • 24-03-2021

 We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". IBgen POF, the new ovarian failure genetic study

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14th of March, Endometriosis International Day. Period ache and the lack of comprehension

  • 12-03-2021

Period aches are not normal and it’s necessary to check what is going on. This is how Dr Belen Moliner, the international specialist and head of the pioneering Endometriosis Unit of Instituto Bernabeu, starts.

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NEW IB NEWSLETTER: Publication of a new study on ovarian stimulation

  • 10-03-2021

 We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". Publication on new studies about ovarian stimulation


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Women at Instituto Bernabeu defend this 8th of March with a video

  • 08-03-2021

March the 8th defends women’s role in the 21st century society. Instituto Bernabeu, which was created for and to women, has gather a female representation of our human team to thank all those women who opened the equality path, also those who are present now and to all of those who will come later.

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Dr Jorge Ten explains to the students of the Master in Human Reproduction at the Complutense University of Madrid the key to vitrification

  • 24-02-2021

The Instituto Bernabeu professionals add to their vocation for assistance, being teachers and researchers. Many of the clinic's professionals contribute with their experience as professors at Universities and Masters.

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Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine publishes an IB study analyzing if ovaric stimulation modifies the risks of embryo chromosomal alterarions and mosaicism

  • 17-02-2021

The specialized journal Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine has published in its January issue an Instituto Bernabeu investigation on the effect of ovarian stimulation on the embryo’s chromosomal endowment.

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Doctor Joaquin Llacer adderesses the Vitamin De implication in reproductive medicine within the Campus Angelini webinar

  • 10-02-2021

Reproductive medicine development is achieved with a multidisciplinary perspective. Advances that arise by leaps and bounds and that allow us to offer better and more successful treatments. At Instituto Bernabeu, the care vocation is accompanied by an important research effort and, in turn, a work to disseminate current evidence that can improve treatments.

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NEW IB NEWSLETTER: 2020: A year where we never stopped investigating

  • 02-02-2021

We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". 2020: A year where we never stopped investigating.


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