Vasovasostomy. Parenthood after a vasectomy

Microsurgical reconstruction of the seminal ducts after vasectomy

What is a vasectomy?

It is a surgical intervention performed in male patients whereby the ducts through which sperm pass from the testicle to the outside of the body are cut. It is the definitive male contraception solution, equivalent to tubal ligation in women.

What can I do in these cases to have a baby?

As it has been pointed out above, performing a vasovasostomy is one of the options available to try for the sperm that are still produced in a man’s testicles to reach their goal: to naturally fertilize an egg.

An alternative option is to retrieve the sperm directly from his testicles through fine needle puncture and aspiration (FNPA).

What is a vasovasostomy?

It is a surgical intervention whereby the ducts through which sperm pass from the testicle to the outside of the body are rechanneled after the male has undergone a vasectomy.

The results of this intervention have been studied longitudinally, and it has been found that success in achieving pregnancy is highly variable, depending largely on the time that has passed since the vasectomy was performed. If it was done not long ago, the chances of recovering normal sperm production levels in the ejaculate are higher.

What is testicular fine needle puncture and aspiration (FNPA)?

The most frequently advised alternative, the most widely used and the one that offers the best chances of success is retrieving sperm directly from the testicles by puncture (FNPA). However, a standard IVF-ICSI treatment has to be performed for the retrieved sperm to be used.

What is the prognosis in these cases?

The prognosis is good, since we take as our starting point the fact that the male is fertile. This has a direct effect on both the quality of the embryos that are produced through fertilization and the chances for them to implant and achieve a full-term pregnancy.

A comprehensive and individual assessment of the couple is no doubt crucial in order to establish the protocol to be followed.

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