Thin endometrium: can vascularization influence in egg donation outcome?

  • 06-08-2014
Within ultrasound investigations Instituto Bernabeu who have been admitted to the international congress "24th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology" that will take place this September in Barcelona, we will present this study in which the influence of vascularization is valued as endometrial nesting of the future embryo.
The thin endometrium is a situation in which the patient has not reached to have optimal endometrium for implantation. In this three-dimensional ultrasound was defined as minor endometrial volume of 2.5 ml. There is some controversy about their prognosis. In our study we were able to establish that despite an endometrial volume decreased, the influence of endometrial vascularization is key in establishing the prognosis and treatment planning.
Thin endometrium: can vascularization influence in egg donation outcome? . B. Moliner, F. Sellers, J. Lozano, J. Llacer, R. Bernabeu. Póster. 

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