Instituto Bernabeu is awarded the PGD/PGS IVF Programme prize for its genetics techniques

  • 27-03-2018

Instituto Bernabeu has been awarded the international platform annual IVF PGD/PGS prize. is the largest international directory of assisted reproduction clinics and the prize is awarded to clinics that stand out in complexity, innovation and efficiency to the benefit of its patients.

Instituto Bernabeu has an in-house molecular biology and genetics laboratory. It is a leading clinic in the use of genetics techniques and is characterised by continuous research. The reproductive medicine clinic is a leader in the use of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). These techniques are used to study the embryo prior to transfer to the mother's uterus and include an analysis of possible chromosomal or genetic abnormalities. In doing so, it is possible to ensure that offspring are healthy and eliminate the transmission of hereditary diseases that are present in the family.

In 2004, Instituto Bernabeu achieved the first birth in the world of a child free of hereditary blindness (retinoschisis) and, two years later, it also used these genetics techniques to achieve the birth of a child free of the Marfan syndrome that was present amongst family members.

Instituto Bernabeu was awarded IVF Agency of the year 2016 ‘for the quality of its healthcare, its results and corporate communication’. The institution also recently received an In4Bankia Prize award for innovation.