Dr. Ten participation in the ADVANCED VITRIFICATION WORKSHOP of Athens

  • 21-11-2014
This coming Saturday, November 22nd, will take place in Athens a workshop on oocyte and embryo vitrification entitled "Advanced Vitrification Workshop". It is organized by the Greek Society of Embriology (PEKE) and will feature Dr. Jorge Ten as a speaker and moderator of one of the two theoretical sessions to be held during the morning. The title of the lecture is "Open vs. Vitrification Closed Systems: Pros and Cons ", where he will try to give a genuine, present and critical view of the benefits or harm of open and closed vitrification systems.
The morning session will be exclusively theoretical, delving into the most important aspects of vitrification and its clinical implications. In the afternoon practice sessions, Dr. Jorge Ten will be in charge of the working group of embryo vitrification using open and closed brackets and the protocols of Irvine and Kitazato.
The Conference will feature renowned embryologists worldwide, such as Dr. Loutradis, Dr. Parmegiani, Dr. Vanderzwalmen, Dr. Joris and Dr. Chatzimeletiou, among others.

Instituto Bernabeu