Dr Belén Lledó’s Paper: omics as a non-invasive egg and embryo selection instrument.

  • 18-02-2011

Today from a scientific point of view we are facing an era of "-omics": genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics.
In her paper, "omics" as a non-invasive egg and embryo selection instrument" she will outline how we can undertake new techniques to help us understand embryo development and how we can use them to improve the implantation rate. She will talk during the 5th Annual Ferring Fertility Symposium to be held in Zaragoza from 11th to the 12th of March. These innovative techniques allow us to identify biomarkers associated with the potential of each embryo to give rise to a normal pregnancy.

What is metabolomics? What benefits do metabolomics bring to ART?

What information does the study of embryo metabolomics give?

Instituto Bernabeu