Nine students of Medicine, Biology and Nursing receive a scholarship from charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu to support them in their degree

  • 27-10-2016

The Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu, social entity delivers today 22.500 euros to bright students with financial constraints to help them continue their degree.

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Video interview with the speakers of the Instituto Bernabeu International Conference on Advances in Reproductive Medicine

  • 26-10-2016

The recent international congress Meeting The Experts provided relevant reviews and information on the latest scientific advances in the treatment of reproductive problems. We were able to interview all the speakers that clarified these aspects. Here are all the videos of the interviews to broaden and complete their contribution.

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New IB Newsletter: Progress and the challenges of fertility at the II Edition of the Meeting the Experts Congress

  • 25-10-2016

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER) on the Progress and the challenges of fertility at the II Edition of the Meeting the Experts Congress. The II edition of Meeting the Experts left participants feeling positive. Whilst there is clearly still a long road ahead, it is also true that a lot has already been achieved. 

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The registration period for the reproductive medicine training seminar aimed at nursing graduates is now open

  • 20-10-2016

Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Cartagena will hold a free seminar on nursing and reproductive medicine. Reproductive health issues have increased over the last few years and the role of nursing specialists is increasingly important in terms of prevention, healthcare and dealing with couples who have issues of this kind.

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Dr Llácer's speech at the Reproductive Health Group Congress

  • 11-10-2016

Dr Joaquín Llácer, Director of our specific Unit for the treatment of Poor Ovarian Reserve participated in the Second Congress of Reproductive Health Group (RHG) held on the 7th and 8th October at Daresbury Park, UK.

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World leaders in fertility gathered at the Instituto Bernabeu International Congress to present latest developments.

  • 10-10-2016
  • In less than two decades, the average age at which couples have their first child has been pushed back from 26 to 31 years, coinciding with the onset of ovarian ageing and increased difficulties in getting pregnant.
  • On the first day of the congress, experts from all over the world analysed the issues from a genetics point of view in order to understand why ovaries age, biomarkers for personalising treatment, progress in selecting the best embryo and also the associated emotional concerns.
  • The second day covered recent progress in the embryo implantation process and various studies aimed at prolonging a woman's fertility.


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New IB Newsletter: IBgen FIV. Know the genetics of your ovarian reserve.

  • 06-10-2016

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER) about the IBgen IVF. It is a ground breaking study of the ovarian genetics that provides important information to solve those medical cases of women seeking to become mothers but they have a reduced number of oocytes (eggs).

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Dr Bernabeu views on TVE newscast

  • 29-09-2016

We thank TVE that shared Dr Rafael Bernabeu view, on the recent news of the child born with "DNA from three parents" in their newscasts.



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New IB Newsletter: 2nd International Meeting of Experts on Reproductive Medicine "MEETING THE EXPERTS"

  • 23-09-2016

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER) on the 2nd International Meeting of Experts on Reproductive Medicine "MEETING THE EXPERTS" which will be held on the 30th September the 1st October  at Instituto Bernabeu of Alicante Auditorium.


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Which genetic variants increase the risk of implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage? IB research for ESHG 2016.

  • 20-09-2016

The scientific committee of therecent European Human Genetics Conference which took place in Barcelona last May accepted the research work entitled “Relevance of SNP on p53, IL-11, IL-10, VEGF and APOE in patients with repeated implantation failure (RIF) and pregnancy loss (RPL)”.

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