A study on the use of a new drug designed to make the endometrium more receptive. IB research for SEF, 2016.

  • 28-07-2016

Correct endometrium preparation is key when the embryo is due to implant in the uterus. In cryo-transfer (the transfer of frozen embryos), we ensure that the endometrium is as receptive as possible. 

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The Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics names Doctor Rafael Bernabeu a new human reproduction expert member of its specialist magazine.

  • 26-07-2016

The medical director of Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante, Rafael Bernabeu, an expert human reproduction specialist, will participate in the magazine edited by the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SEGO).

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The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation social welfare programme consolidates its support for members of ASPA so that they can use genetic diagnosis to conceive healthy children.

  • 21-07-2016

Parents' main aim in life is to ensure that their children are born healthy and that they, as parents, have the chance to ensure this happens. With this in mind, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation makes its resources and research available so that people faced with health issues and also financial difficulties can try for children who are free of the illness they are carrying. 

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Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, organise the I Edition of the Master's course in Male Infertility

  • 19-07-2016

Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete and Alicante (IB), in collaboration with the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM) are organising the first edition of the Master's Course in Male Infertility. The postgraduate course is aimed at university degree graduates, particularly those from the fields of pharmacy, biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine and environmental science, amongst others.

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IB Research: A new adenomyosis ultrasound marker

  • 14-07-2016

Adenomyosis is a condition that is difficult to diagnose and it is far more common than it is often thought to be. Diagnosis needs to be based on clinical data and confirmed using imaging techniques. 

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Progress with a view to avoiding implantation failure: research on uterine contractions. IB research presented at the ESHRE 2016 European Fertility Congress

  • 12-07-2016

The challenge faced by our unit which specialises in treating implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss is to search for therapeutic alternatives and to progress in our understanding of correct embryo implantation. The point at which the embryo is transferred is the climax and there is still much to learn about it from a scientific point of view.

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Creation of a device that maintains embryo temperature for transfer. Scientific progress for ESHRE 2016

  • 07-07-2016

We have always known that embryos, as living things, are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Therefore, throughout the entire process in the in vitro fertilisation laboratory, we have systems that keep the temperature stable, except when actual embryo transfer takes place and, at which point, the embryo is taken from the incubator for transfer to the uterus.

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Does taking embryos out of the incubator for regular analysis affect development? IB clinical study. ESHRE 2016

  • 06-07-2016

Instituto Bernabeu's commitment to giving patients the best chance of achieving pregnancy means we necessarily need to personalise each treatment and involve each department from each phase of assisted reproduction treatment in exploring new options, however insignificant they may seem. This can, sometimes, mean the difference between success and a negative beta result.

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Institute Bernabeu attends the 32nd Annual Meeting of the ESHRE.

  • 04-07-2016

The 32nd ESHRE Annual Meeting, the most significant congress for assisted reproduction specialists, will be held in Helsinki, Finland, between 3rd and 6th July, 2016. As on previous occasions, the Instituto Bernabeu group will very actively participate in this event and will make 5 oral presentations and present 4 posters based on clinical studies. The work has been previously selected by the scientific committee.

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Clinical study on the most suitable area for carrying out a biopsy on embryos. ESHRE, 2016

  • 30-06-2016

An embryo biopsy can potentially damage the embryo and it is for this reason that, at Instituto Bernabeu, we study different ways of optimising the options of achieving pregnancy amongst our patients. In this particular case, we studied how the position of inner cellular mass (ICM) during an embryo blastocyst biopsy affects clinical results.

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