New IB Newsletter: DON'T LET YOUR DOUBTS HOLD YOU BACK Ask our personalised counselling unit.

  • 17-01-2017

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER) about Instituto Bernabeu's Personalised Counselling Unit (PCU). Provides its patients with a trained team of staff and who are in direct contact with the medical healthcare team working at the reproductive medicine clinic so that each case is dealt with absolute professionalism.

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Great attendance to the conference on Updates in Andrology and Male Fertility

  • 13-01-2017

The last Thursday, a workshop focused on updating health professionals on the recent advances in the field of andrological fertility, took place in the auditorium of Instituto Bernabeu Alicante.

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Instituto Bernabeu will present 5 research papers at Fertility 2017: the british fertility society congress’

  • 05-01-2017

Instituto Bernabeu will participate from the 5th to the 7th of January to Fertility 2017: the British Fertility Society Congress’ , that will take place in Edinburgh and will be attended by our clinic researchers like every year. 

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Updates in andrology and male fertility

  • 03-01-2017

On 12th January 2017, from half past four in the afternoon, Instituto Bernabeu will hold an Updates in Andrology and Male Fertility event in the clinic's auditorium. 

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New IB Newsletter: Rafael Bernabeu Foundation committed to society and knowledge; committed to women.

  • 29-12-2016

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER). Throughout 2016, the Rafael Bernabeu Social Welfare Foundation has continued with its commitment to society by providing financial support for entities, NGOs and people who are facing financial difficulties.

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Progress at Instituto Bernabeu for improving embryo implantation and avoiding the birth of children with chromosomal abnormalities

  • 28-12-2016

The Belgian Society of Assisted Reproduction Congress was held in Moons in November. The Instituto Bernabeu group took part in 5 research projects which were accepted for presentation by the scientific committee.

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Summary of our Foundation activity in 2016

  • 23-12-2016

Like every year, we want to share with our patients and friends the summary of activities that have been carried out from Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation. Thank you all very much!

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Instituto Bernabeu makes new contributions towards improving genetic profiling in patients with poor ovarian reserve.

  • 21-12-2016

At the Belgian Society of Reproductive Medicine (BRSM) Congress held in Mons (Belgium) last month, the results of research work entitled 'Prediction of poor ovarian response using a genetic profile IBGENFIV' was presented in communication poster format.

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Seven medical experts from Instituto Bernabeu lectured on a course on stem cells and human embriology at the University of Alicante

  • 16-12-2016

The Department of Biotechnology at the University of Alicante organised an intensive course on stem cells and human clinical embryology which included theory and practical sessions.

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Recent progress at Instituto Bernabeu in the analysis of survival rates following egg and embryo thawing

  • 13-12-2016

The number of patients turning to assisted reproduction treatments has grown over the last few years and one of the main reasons for this has been the increase in the age at which women become mothers for the first time.

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