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What is the best option for patients of advanced maternal age? Vitrified eggs or embryos?

The multifactorial study was presented in a communication to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) conference to be held in Barcelona next week.   In recent years, an increasing number of patients with advanced ages are seeking assisted reproductive treatment to achieve...

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IB presented on Saturday a conference for professionals with the latest advances in genetics applied to prenatal diagnosis

Instituto Bernabeu Alicante organized a conference for health professionals in which he presented the latest advances in genetics applicable to prenatal diagnosis. The conference, taught by IB doctors and by leading professionals from other institutions such as the Hospital...

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Publication in the journal “Fertility and Sterility” on embryo splitting

As a result of ASEBIR (Spanish Association for the Study of reproductive biology) working group on “Embryo Quality” - with different clinics of the country, including Instituto Bernabeu- , the prestigious journal "Fertility and Sterility" has recently...

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Conference on Updates on Prenatal Diagnosis: Advances in Genetics

On the 10th of May it will take place at Instituto Bernabeu of Alicante a refresher course aimed for gynecologists, pediatricians and geneticists whose purpose is focused on the new updates in the embryo and / or fetus genetics for obstetric diagnosis, applied to pose less...

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Influence of nutrition and living habits on semen quality. Speech by Dr. Bernabeu at the Universidad Complutense.

To assess the impact of the changes in lifestyle and eating habits has been the goal of "Practice XVIII Conference on Nutrition" and "IX International Congress of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics", organized by SEDCA and SPRIM that took place on the 19th,...

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Research work of Instituto Bernabeu published in Journal Assisted Reproduction and Genetics

The latest study from Instituto Bernabeu “ Negative effect of P72 polymorphism on p53 gene in IVF outcome in patients with repeated implantation failure and pregnancy loss ” was published in “Journal Assisted Reproduction and Genetics” (an important...

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Closing of Acts in Honor of Women’s History Month

The concert in honor of women's history month, organized by our Foundation, took place last night. It was a beautiful event, that took place in the symphony hall of the ADDA. More than 800 people came to listen to the soprano Vanessa Navarro, accompanied on the piano by Husan...

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VIII Forum on Women and Society, Thursday in Cartagena

The VIII Forum on Women and Society, organized by Instituto Bernabeu and the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation, is a meeting of prominent leaders and experts dealing with the issues that affect women and the society in which they live. This edition takes place in the auditorium of...

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Concert in Honor of Women: invitations available

On Monday, March 10 at 8pm, the concert " A Tribute to Women " will take place in the Concert hall of the Alicante Provincial Auditorium, ADDA. Vanessa Navarro, soprano and Husan Park pianist, will perform. Like all events organized by the Foundation, it is free of...

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March: Women’s Month. Events organized by our Foundation

For the month of March, women's month, we have organized two commemorative events: The eighth edition of the Forum: Women and Society, will take place in Cartagena on March 6, where the IB has a clinic since 2003. This Forum is an open meeting, free of charge, aimed to be a...

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