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Upcoming scientific papers on CCS in embryos presented in Barcelona and Madrid

On Tuesday the 14th and Thursday the 16th of April, the conference "Clinical User Meeting" took place in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, including the participation of Dr. Belén Lledó at both sessions with the speech "Use of oligo aCGH for the...

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Reproductive medicine conference for nursing professionals in Albacete

Reproductive health problems have been increasing in recent years due to different causes, such as socioeconomic factors, delayed motherhood for social and professional factors as well as other medical and social reasons. These influence human fertility in different ways and...

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The Genetic and Reproductive Counseling conference organized by Instituto Bernabeu was a success after gathering the most prominent national speakers in the field and reaching full capacity. The conference was held on Saturday the 28th of March, and demonstrated how the...

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IB Newsletter: IB Research at the British Fertility Congress

The new Instituto Bernabeu Group newsletter is now available, dedicated to the research presented at the British Fertility Annual Meeting. Access

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The Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation´s Sixth Annual Children´s Drawing Contest: Motherhood

The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation, the charitable foundation of Instituto Bernabeu, announces the 6th edition of its "Children´s Drawing Contest", which is dedicated to the theme of motherhood. The aim of this Drawing contest is to stimulate creativity in early...

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"Reproductive Medicine: Towards a new species of Homo Sapiens?" Conference by Dr. Bernabeu in the Medical Surgical Society of Alicante

On Monday 23 March at 7:30pm the conference named "Reproductive Medicine: Towards a new species of Homo Sapiens?" will take place in the Medical Surgical Society of Alicante, given by Dr. Rafael Bernabeu in Hall 3 of the Alicante Association of Physicians. The...

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Instituto Bernabeu participation in the 19th National Hospital Congress

Instituto Bernabeu is actively involved in the nineteenth edition of the National Hospital Congress, which is expecting 2,000 registered attendees. Yesterday, we were responsible for organizing the Preliminary Conference of the Congress on "Cross-border...

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“Cross-border Healthcare” debate at the Preliminary Conference of the 19th National Hospital Congress

The debate over "Cross-border Healthcare" took place this morning at the Elche Congress Centre and was chaired by Dr. Bernabeu, the Instituto Bernabeu Medical Director. The debate is part of the preliminary acts that Instituto Bernabeu has organized for the 19th...

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Concert tribute to women organized by the Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation

The event brought together more than 1,200 people who enjoyed the evening at ADDA On the occasion of the commemoration of International Women's Day, the Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation organized, once again, a lyric recital with compositions related to women and...

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Instituto Bernabeu organizes a preliminary conference to the 19th National Congress of Hospitals and Healthcare Management

The conference will be held on the 9th, 10th and 11th March and will include the participation of Dr. Bernabeu as chair of the debate "Cross-border Healthcare". Coinciding with the celebration of the 19th National Hospital Congress next May, Instituto Bernabeu...

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