ovulo congeladoOne of the most controversial questions for patients looking for egg donation is whether or not the eggs are fresh, and if this makes a difference.

With the use of cell vitrification during recent years, survival after thawing has improved greatly for sperm and embryos. However, the size of an egg (the largest cell in the human body) makes it more susceptible to thermal stress. Therefore the rate of survival is not as high, and it is possible that certain cellular structures suffer in the freeze-thaw process.

The popularity of previously frozen (vitrified) eggs is based on the fact that it makes the process for the medical team much easier, but the results are never the same as what we can achieve with fresh eggs.

Even though in time frozen eggs may give the same pregnancy rates as fresh, today fresh egg donation gives the best results and security, both for the patients and for future offspring.


Dr. Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu

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