Type A embryos

Why aren’t all embryos obtained from an IVF cycle suitable for freezing?

Today, in In Vitro Fertilization treatments, it is not extraordinary to find ourselves on the day of embryo transfer with a high number of good quality embryos. For a fresh transfer we shall be electing the embryo or embryos that morphologically and kinetically demonstrate greater development and ‘the other’ good quality ones can be cryopreserved. […]

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Embryo vitrification: when and how?

A good embryo freezing programme is essential to increase the chances of pregnancy in couples undergoing assisted reproduction techniques. This is referred to as cumulative pregnancy rate, or the sum of the chances of pregnancy with one “fresh” cycle then a “frozen” one. In addition, we guarantee excellent results in embryo adoption cycles or when a treatment has to be canceled because of insufficient quality or endometrial bleeding and so the embryos should therefore be cryopreserved. […]

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