When we meet couples with fertility problems, clinical histories and direct medical interviews remain fundamental. At these interviews, we need to try and find out about the whole background and all the factors that may be affecting the couple, from the past to the present. We have to try and get to know each couple very closely.
A good and detailed interview may already direct us to the causes of the problem and the possible solutions we can provide. It also enables us to perform specific individual diagnostic tests.
Beginning with the woman, it is essential to ask her about her parents and siblings: possible fertility problems they may have had, possible miscarriages, hereditary diseases, and so on. Plenty of medical problems are not hereditary, but they do appear genetically in family groups.
Of course, it is also important to find about the patient’s menstruation, how often it occurs, when she first had her period, if she had previous pregnancies with her current partner or a previous partner, and so on. […]