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Egg donation explained simply

For 21 years, egg donation has been a treatment that Instituto Bernabeu offers to women who need it, which has made it a European reference point for egg donation.

It is the reproductive technique with the highest pregnancy rates, over 60% per cycle. At IB, the overall pregnancy rate after three cycles of treatment is over 90%. […]

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FIRST MONTH OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 6-9 (1st visit to gynaecologist)

During these first 8 weeks, our baby is in what we call the embryonic stage. Physiologically, babies begin to develop the beginnings of limbs, which will result in their arms and legs. Their height reaches 9 mm at the end of the first month and weighs 0.5 grams. The first internal organs are formed, including the heart, which begins to beat on the 25th day, and lungs. At the same time, the neural tube begins to form which becomes the brain and spinal cord. […]

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