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Menstrual pain, is it normal?

is part of a woman’s life and, as such, we have to deal with it whilst carrying
on with the rest of our daily activities. However, in many cases this becomes a
major limitation because of the pain it causes, then it is advisable to start

What is the menstrual cycle? And menstrual pain?

is a cyclin bleeding […]

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Gestagens: progesterone and derivates

What are gestagens?

The gestagens hormones (also known as progestagens) main function, is to
maintain pregnancy (they are pro-gestational), and play a key role in the
menstrual cycle regulation.  

Gestagens are a class of steroid hormones, along estrogens, androgens,
minearlocorticoids and glucocorticoids. This big steroid hormones family is characterized by their basic 21-carbon
skeleton, called a pregnane skeleton
(C21). In similar manner, the […]

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Fertility false myths

Does taking birth control effect my future fertility?

Oral contraceptives (OCP’s) are using by at least 35% of women of reproductive age, (1), making it the most frequently used contraceptive method after condoms. There are many myths surrounding OCP’s but we are going to focus on their effect on fertility once we stop using them. […]

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Endometrial hyperplasia; symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

is Endometrial Hyperplasia?

Endometrial hyperplasia is nothing more than an excessive growth of endometrial cells, especially glandular cells, usually in response to excessive estrogen exposure and poor progesterone function.

This growth can be either controlled or uncontrolled,
in such a way that the entire architecture of the endometrium can be

What types of Endometrial Hyperplasia are there?

/ benign […]

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Breast cancer and fertility

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumour found in women and it is the main cause of death in women due to cancer in the world.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in this pathology in younger women and, at the same time, treatment has taken breast cancer survival rates to almost 85%. These […]

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The advantages and disadvantages of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) consists of studying chromosomal abnormalities and genetic abnormalities in the embryo prior to transfer to the mother. Its purpose is to ensure that children are healthy and put an end to the transmission of a specific condition.

There are two types of PGD: the PGD aimed at selecting embryos that are free of a genetic disorder affecting a […]

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What is chronic endometritis? What is its effect in fertility?

Chronic endometritis is the name given to a continuous inflammation of the endometrium. It is a pathology that can be found in up to 10% of women, however it is known that this percentage is much higher in patients that have had recurrent embryo implantation failure and in patients who have had recurrent miscarriages (10-67%).

What […]

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Being a mother after 40: reproduction options, pros and cons

The delay
of motherhood is a social phenomenon. More and more women choose to develop
their life projects and postpone the moment of becoming mothers. A new model
inspired by social, cultural and economic changes. The 40s are a time of plenitude
for women, and motherhood after 40 is an increasingly common option. As a
result, there are several reasons […]

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Fertility preservation in patients with cancer. Bernabeu Foundation free programme

We are now delaying the time to have our first child.
As of today, the average Spanish woman age to become pregnant for the first
time is above 31. Before conceiving, we are exposed to all kind of diseases as
our age draws on.

Tumours or cancer in young people, either men or
women, may seriously damage fertility and […]

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The menopause: everything you need to know

What is the menopause and at what age do women go through it?

The menopause is defined as the moment
when menstruation comes to a complete stop. Diagnosis is generally clinical and
confirmed when a woman’s periods have ceased for a period of at least one year.
It does sometimes, however, need to be confirmed through a hormone analysis. […]

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