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Antiphospholipid Syndrome: What is it? How does it affect pregnancy?

Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system of our organism to combat possible infections of viral or bacterial origin. In some diseases, the immune system produces antibodies that, erroneously, attack the tissues of our own body. The result of this attack is the appearance of what are known as autoimmune diseases.


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The significance of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in fertility

Sexually transmitted disease (STDs) are infections that are transmitted, on the whole, during unprotected sexual intercourse.  However, they can also be transferred from mother to child during pregnancy.


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Reproductive Immunology: What it is, causes, treatment and how it can affect the achievement of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological state that conceptually challenges the foundations of immunology. While pregnant, the mother has to coexist with a being different from herself in at least half of its genetic origin. The, so-called, “tolerating the intruder” contradicts the principle of how the immune system functions: “tolerating one’s own and rejecting that of others”.

Types […]

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Bleeding with pregnancy loss in the first trimester of pregnancy

is the first trimester bleeding?

appearance of bleeding through the vagina at any moment of the pregnancy is
called pregnancy metrorrhagia or obstetric metrorrhagia.

is always a sign of alarm and always needs medical assessment.

can appear at any week of the pregnancy. We will now speak about bleeding or metrorrhagia with pregnancy
loss in the first trimester, which […]

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Instructions for correct collection of semen samples: abstinence, hygiene, etc.

To perform different diagnostic tests on semen, for example a seminogram, also called spermiogram, a seminal culture or spermoculture, etc., as well as for its use in the different assisted reproduction techniques (artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or donation) a semen sample is required. The adequate sample collection requires following these simple steps:

Prior sexual abstinence […]

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Blastocyst embryo: What it is, advantages, types and classification according to its quality

What is a blastocyst

A blastocyst is a 5/6 day embryo with a complex cell structure
consisting of approximately 200 cells. The blastocyst stage is the stage of
development prior to the implantation of the embryo in the mother’s womb.

This cellular structure differs in two areas that will clearly determine
the quality of the embryo and its options […]

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Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a complication of ovarian stimulation needed for in vitro fertilization. This complication can become very severe but is also very rare, being reduced lately to less than 1% since effective strategies to avoid it has been achieved and implemented.

Cause of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Prior to start of the symptoms, the hormones […]

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How to be a parent after vasectomy?

Vasectomy acts as an obstructive azoospermia which means it achieves the absence of spermatozoa and spermatogenic cells in the sperm and urine after ejaculation, due to a bilateral obstruction of the seminal ducts.

It is an effective method of permanent male surgical sterilization. However, at the present time, pregnancy can be achieved after vasectomy.

Before you […]

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The role of seminal fluid in improving fertility treatment

There are two parts to semen: spermatozoa and the seminal fluid that the spermatozoa use as their means of travel.

Seminal fluid has traditionally been attributed the role of a simple means of transportation. However, many years ago, it started to become clear that exposure to seminal fluid with no spermatozoa content improved in vitro fertilisation results and the results in couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss.

Increased proof of this improvement in results has emerged over the last few months, as indicated in the recent scientific publications referenced at the end of this post. These pieces of scientific work confirm early observations and explain the reasons why.


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Now you can travel to Spain with complete security and peace of mind. We are waiting for you!

As of June 22nd, our borders will open their arms again to our European neighbors. Spanish hospitality and Mediterranean warmth together with the scientific medical professionalism of Instituto Bernabeu to resume with total normality the care of our international patients.

For complete safety we continue to maintain prevention measures against COVID-19 in our facilities, staff and […]

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