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The advantages and disadvantages of transferring embryos during a natural or artificial cycle

Embryo transfer to the uterus is the pinnacle of all courses of assisted reproduction treatment. It cannot be left to chance. The endometrium needs to be receptive and facilitate embryo embedding.

The endometrium can be prepared with the aid of drugs (oestrogens) to simulate natural uterine behaviour – a substituted or artificial cycle – or transfer can be carried out […]

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Marfan Syndrome and PGD (embryo genetic diagnosis)

We now can avoid the transmission to offspring with the PGD techniques (embryo’s Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) also called PGT-M

Symptoms and causes of Marfan syndrome

The connective tissue serves to hold together body tissues and cells. As a result, the result of Marfan syndrome is abnormalities in blood vessels, eyes, lungs, bones and the heart. The […]

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The advantages and disadvantages of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) consists of studying chromosomal abnormalities and genetic abnormalities in the embryo prior to transfer to the mother. Its purpose is to ensure that children are healthy and put an end to the transmission of a specific condition.

There are two types of PGD: the PGD aimed at selecting embryos that are free of a genetic disorder affecting a […]

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Exercises for your pregnancy

These 5 exercises are designed by the team of midwives at Instituto Bernabeu so that you can work on your flexibility during pregnancy and get ready for the birth with only ten minutes a day. It’s very simple; you only need comfortable clothing and an exercise ball. Consult with your doctor whether or not you should be engaging in light exercise.


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What is chronic endometritis? What is its effect in fertility?

Chronic endometritis is the name given to a continuous inflammation of the endometrium. It is a pathology that can be found in up to 10% of women, however it is known that this percentage is much higher in patients that have had recurrent embryo implantation failure and in patients who have had recurrent miscarriages (10-67%).

What […]

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Structural chromosome abnormalities: how do they impact the embryo and the carrier?

In comparison with the general population, there is a greater prevalence of chromosomal abnormalities amongst couples with reproduction issues. An analysis of the 46 chromosomes (23 pairs), DNA structures and highly-organised proteins that contain a living being’s genetic information is known as a karyotype. All that is needed is a simple blood sample so that […]

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Pharmacogenetics for the treatment of low ovarian response

The application of pharmacogenetics to ovarian stimulation will specially benefit women with low ovarian response.

What is pharmacogenetics?

There are many variables
that can modify the effects of the drugs on each person and, among them, there
are genetic factors. In recent years it became evident that the genetic profile
of patients can explain the differences in response to drugs […]

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Famous women and infertility

Feeling how other women had to walk through this
difficult path we are now in, can help us to, not to feel different, ¡but

Outstanding women, according to public opinion, who
suffered or still suffers -most of them in silence- the instinctive desire to
become mothers.

Women who had difficulties in achieving pregnancy

If you feel you are socially pressured to […]

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Fertility preservation in patients with cancer. Bernabeu Foundation free programme

We are now delaying the time to have our first child.
As of today, the average Spanish woman age to become pregnant for the first
time is above 31. Before conceiving, we are exposed to all kind of diseases as
our age draws on.

Tumours or cancer in young people, either men or
women, may seriously damage fertility and […]

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Does the egg donor age affect the egg donation treatment results?

From the first patient’s pregnancy with another woman’s eggs in 1983, almost 40 years ago, the egg donation has probably become the most demanded technique in fertility clinics for those couples who otherwise will not be able to have children. They
come to us very tired and with many doubts regarding this treatment, giving it
a last […]

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