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Ovulation is a process in which a
mature egg (or oocyte) is released from the follicle that has developed in the ovary.

How does an ovulation occur?

A sequence of images of the actual process of ovulation was published in the prestigious journal New Scientist (see aside). We believe that knowing in detail how the oocyte is released […]

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Ectopic pregnancy

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

pregnancy implanted outside the endometrial cavity is called an ectopic
pregnancy. It is a condition that occurs in 1-2% of all pregnancies. Despite
the progress in its treatment and early diagnosis, its appearance and possible
complications could compromise woman’s health and her reproductive future.

Types of ectopic pregnancies

Under normal circumstances, fertilization and embryonic development until […]

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Five healthy habits that you can adopt in order to improve the quality of your semen

An increasing number of couples have issues having a child naturally. It is currently estimated that in 50% of all cases, the reason for infertility is poor semen quality.

The causes can be immunological, genetic or anatomical factors but there are also external factors that we can, to some extent, control. Highlighting the main common reasons for poor semen […]

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Double stimulation: is it possible to recover more oocytes in patients with low ovarian reserve?

The double ovarian stimulation or DuoStim is an ovarian stimulation protocol in which two stimulations and two oocyte collections are performed during a single menstrual cycle (approximately 28 days). It consists of first stimulation in the follicular phase and a second stimulation in the luteal phase.

In what cases is DuoStim indicated?

The patients who benefit most […]

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Is it possible to become a mother after tubal ligation?

The fallopian tubes connect the uterus with the ovaries. It is where the oocyte is released after ovulation and where fertilization by sperm occurs after having passed through the female reproductive tract. The embryo generated in the fallopian tube descends to the uterine cavity where its implantation takes place. If the tubes are closed for any […]

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NEGATIVE IVF: Everything you need to know after a failed IVF

Infertility is considered a disease that affects 17% of Spanish couples of reproductive age according to the Spanish Society of Fertility (SEF). For the affected couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) either with own or donated eggs (egg donation) often represents the most effective treatment to fulfil their greatest desire: a healthy baby at home. However, […]

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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis without biopsy non-invasive: niPGT-A

What is PGD without biopsy (niPGT-A)?

The goal of in vitro fertilization is to have a healthy child. For this purpose, in the last decades different methods have been developed to perform a genetic diagnosis of the embryos (PGD) before transferring them to the uterus. These methods have been implemented to differentiate chromosomally normal embryos […]

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Teratozoospermia and male infertility

Teratozoospermia is an increase in the percentage of abnormal sperm in a sperm sample and it is identified by means of a seminogram or semen analysis.

When is
teratozoospermia considered?

According to the criteria in the 5th edition of the World Health Organisation (WHO), 2010 manual, a man has teratozoospermia when the percentage of normal spermatozoa in the ejaculate is below 4%.

Defects […]

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Reproductive Immunology: What it is, causes, treatment and how it can affect the achievement of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological state that conceptually challenges the foundations of immunology. While pregnant, the mother has to coexist with a being different from herself in at least half of its genetic origin. The, so-called, “tolerating the intruder” contradicts the principle of how the immune system functions: “tolerating one’s own and rejecting that of others”.

Types […]

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Bleeding with pregnancy loss in the first trimester of pregnancy

is the first trimester bleeding?

appearance of bleeding through the vagina at any moment of the pregnancy is
called pregnancy metrorrhagia or obstetric metrorrhagia.

is always a sign of alarm and always needs medical assessment.

can appear at any week of the pregnancy. We will now speak about bleeding or metrorrhagia with pregnancy
loss in the first trimester, which […]

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