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Progress in genetic diagnosis of recurrent pregnancy loss: studying the exome

ESHRE (European Society of Human
Reproduction and Embryology) definition of patients
who suffer from recurrent pregnancy is a woman who has had two or more
pregnancy losses before week 20 of pregnancy.

are the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss?

The pathology has a number of possible causes including anatomical, coagulation, immunological and endocrine abnormalities and so on. Genetics is another […]

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Reasons to cancel and embryo transfer

One of the most exciting times during a treatment of assisted reproductive is the Embryo Transfer. After carrying out all the laboratory processes, microinjection (ICSI) or insemination (IVF) and embryo culture, among others, it is time to transfer the selected embryo.

However at times it is not possible to transfer the
embryo and we must cancel or […]

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Expanded GCT. Screening of more than 2500 genetic diseases

We have the latest technology to study and avoid the main hereditary diseases

Preconceptional genetic studies (also called carrier studies) aim to prevent the birth of a child with recessive diseases. Recessive genetic diseases behave in such a way that individuals can be either completely healthy, carriers or affected. Affected individuals are sick and manifest the […]

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Estrogens: What are they, what is their function and what benefits can they bring?

What are oestrogens?

They are also sex hormones, along with progestogens and androgens. They come from the cholesterol’ s metabolism and are produced mainly in the ovaries and placenta, and, in smaller quantities in the adrenal glands.

What is the role of oestrogens?

Estrogens influence countless organs and tissues. Its main action occurs in the endometrium, […]

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Ultrasound scan evaluation for the tubes permeability: Hysterosonography

To evaluate a couple with conception problems, we need to check if there could be some type of obstruction in the fallopian tubes, which are the ducts that connect the uterus with the ovaries, thereby preventing pregnancy.

In the early days of Reproductive Medicine, even insufflations were made through the uterus with the aim of trying […]

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COVID vaccination, pregnancy and fertility treatment

Instituto Bernabeu is in favour of the Covid Vaccines administration, and we believe that it should be recommended to the entire population, as far as it is technically possible and always taking into account the personal situations of each case and advising the utmost prudence.

The aim is to
fight against the persistence of the current uncertain […]

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Why is it important for parents and donors to have a GCT (genetic compatibility test)?

Hereditary disorders (disorders that are transmitted from parents to offspring) include a group of disorders known as autosomal recessive disorders. Disorders of this kind are uncommon. However, they do tend to be rather serious. Indeed, they are the reason why a significant number of children end up in hospital or even die. In recessive disorders, […]

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Menstrual pain, is it normal?

is part of a woman’s life and, as such, we have to deal with it whilst carrying
on with the rest of our daily activities. However, in many cases this becomes a
major limitation because of the pain it causes, then it is advisable to start

What is the menstrual cycle? And menstrual pain?

is a cyclin bleeding […]

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Y chromosome microdeletion: Male sterility and genetic material loss diagnostic technique

We all have 46 chromosomes: 23 of them are inherited from our father and 23 are from our mother. The genetic information for our entire body is stored within these chromosomes. Two of the 46 are sex chromosomes and determine whether we are male (XY) or female (XX). Therefore, the Y chromosome contains all the necessary information for differentiating males from females as well as for sperm production.

What is the Y chromosome microdeletion analysis about?

The study of Y chromosome microdeletions consists of checking if chromosome Y is complete and, as such, has all the necessary information for satisfactory sperm production or if, on the contrary, small fragments are missing. The loss of such fragments leads to altered spermiogramme which can mean poor sperm production (oligozoospermia) or even no production at all (azoospermia).


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Gestagens: progesterone and derivates

What are gestagens?

The gestagens hormones (also known as progestagens) main function, is to
maintain pregnancy (they are pro-gestational), and play a key role in the
menstrual cycle regulation.  

Gestagens are a class of steroid hormones, along estrogens, androgens,
minearlocorticoids and glucocorticoids. This big steroid hormones family is characterized by their basic 21-carbon
skeleton, called a pregnane skeleton
(C21). In similar manner, the […]

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