Upcoming scientific papers on CCS in embryos presented in Barcelona and Madrid

  • 15-04-2015
On Tuesday the 14th and Thursday the 16th of April, the conference "Clinical User Meeting" took place in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, including the participation of Dr. Belén Lledó at both sessions with the speech "Use of oligo aCGH for the clinical routine of embryonic screening to increase implantation rate".

Our colleague and scientific director of IB Biotech outlined how the high incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in gametes and preimplantation human embryos could explain the low success rates of IVF treatments. However, today it is possible to know the complete chromosomes of an embryo through the development and implementation of techniques for analyzing CGH arrays of embryonic biopsies.

Dr. Lledo will put more emphasis on how the Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) has provided valuable information about embryonic chromosomal alterations that may compromise the ability of the embryo to implant and lead to healthy newborn.

Próximas ponencias científicas sobre CCS en el embrión en Barcelona y Madrid. Instituto Bernabeu

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