Theory and Practice intensive course of Stem Cells and Human Clinical Embryology

  • 21-10-2014
The tandem between the Department of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Alicante and Instituto Bernabeu has organized this new course to extend participants  knowledge on the cell cycle, types or varieties of stem cells, the different models used in the research laboratories, the concepts of totipotentiality, pluripotentiality, multipotentiality and unipotentiality, applications of stem cells in medicine, embryonic and adult stem cells, cloning concept, General embryology and clinical embryology, stages of human embryonic development, artificial fertilization methods and techniques.
Once again we wanted to not only be limited to theoretical training, so the course also has a practical part where experiences are conducted in the laboratory about cell cultures and embryology. The course, aimed at students of the Faculty of Science Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Medicine and, in general, to students and professionals from other disciplines interested in the subject matter of the course, has the academic recognition of 3 ECTS credits (valid for all undergraduate degrees) or 3 credits elective Curriculum (valid for all degrees to be extinguish) 30 recognized hours by ICE (Institute of Education Sciences).

Instituto Bernabeu

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