"Sterility, a challenge for all" Conference for family doctors in Albacete

  • 20-04-2015
On Wednesday April 22, the conference entitled "Sterility, a challenge for all" will take place at 4:00p.m. in the Graduate Hall of the Albacete Faculty of Medicine. The course, organized by the Integrated Management of Albacete in collaboration with Instituto Bernabeu, is primarily aimed at family physicians and clinical gynecologists and will last approximately 3 hours.

The event consists of two modules with practical guidance and each module contains three presentations followed by an interactive debate. In the first module, which will focus on "What can primary care doctors and clinical gynecologists do for their patients' reproductive health?" Dr. Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu, will intervene as a speaker to explain "Human Sterility: a current epidemic?"

The second module corresponds to "What can reproductive medicine do for the family physician and the clinical gynecologist?", and will involve Dr. Lydia Luque, Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu Albacete, who is participating as a speaker with a presentation entitled "Assisted Reproduction: adapting to the current reality".

Likewise, Dr. Andrea Bernabeu, Coordinator of the Reproductive and Genetic Counseling Unit of Instituto Bernabeu, will present a lecture on "Genetic and Reproductive Counseling". This module will conclude with a roundtable moderated by Dr. Rafael Bernabeu, in which the various topics explained during the conference will be discussed.

Further information and registration.

“La esterilidad, un reto de todos”. Jornada para médicos de familia en Albacete. Instituto Bernabeu

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