Spanish Technology Platform Award for Health, Wellbeing and Social Cohesion technologies

  • 18-01-2012

The TESIS Vita project, designed by the company SISinf with its partners, unoauno and Instituto Bernabeu, is the software that organizes our work and was designed based on the telecommunications needs of our reproductive medicine clinics. It has recently received, along with another 10 innovative projects, the recognition of being a highly valued innovative technology solution, which we will proudly be able to use over the next year. The project was presented on 17 November in Madrid, and received the 4th place prize in the final classification.

The eVIA-Coordina2 2011 awards the best ICT Health and Wellbeing solutions developed by a Spanish SME. The award aims to facilitate the visibility and prestige of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) developed by Spanish SMEs for health and Wellbeing. The award is given to a high-tech product or service owned by a legally established Spanish SME that has at least one operating facility and has been on the market for at least 2 years.

The proposed innovative technologies aim to focus on the impact of improved quality of life for citizens and healthcare professionals, increased efficiency-productivity and especially the economic viability model, meaning the investments and associated returns.

Instituto Bernabeu

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