Instituto Bernabeu studies the effects of assisted reproduction techniques on placental vascularisation

  • 24-05-2017

Instituto Bernabeu has published research work in the Iberoamerican Fertility Journal on the effects of assisted reproduction techniques on placental vascularisation. The research, which uses the three-dimensional Power Doppler ultrasound technique, investigates the differences, from week 20 onwards, between natural pregnancies and those following assisted reproduction techniques.

The result obtained by the team at the reproductive clinic indicates that there are differences in placental vascularisation between women who have become pregnant as a result of reproductive medicine techniques and those who have conceived naturally. The sample base of 130 pregnancies included 55 women who had undergone infertility treatment and 75 natural pregnancies. The team also determined, however, that maternal age does not have an impact on the results obtained.

Dr Francisco Sellers

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