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Dr Bernabeu views on TVE newscast

  • 09/29/16

We thank TVE that shared Dr Rafael Bernabeu view, on the recent news of the child born with "DNA from three parents" in their newscasts.

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New IB Newsletter: 2nd International Meeting of Experts on Reproductive Medicine "MEETING THE EXPERTS"

  • 09/23/16

New issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter (IB NEWSLETTER) on the 2nd International Meeting of Experts on Reproductive Medicine "MEETING THE EXPERTS" which will be held on the 30th September the 1st October  at Instituto Bernabeu of Alicante Auditorium.


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Which genetic variants increase the risk of implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage? IB research for ESHG 2016.

  • 09/20/16

The scientific committee of therecent European Human Genetics Conference which took place in Barcelona last May accepted the research work entitled “Relevance of SNP on p53, IL-11, IL-10, VEGF and APOE in patients with repeated implantation failure (RIF) and pregnancy loss (RPL)”.

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IB Research: Genetic analysis with a view to selecting the most suitable medication for improving ovarian response.

  • 09/13/16

In the Spanish Fertility Society Congress in Malaga between the 19th and 21st May, Dr Belén Lledó will give an oral presentation on research work entitled 'Recombinant or urinary FSH? Is receptor genotype key when choosing the FSH?'

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UMH and Instituto Bernabeu have today signed a Community Medicine and Reproductive Health Professorship collaboration agreement

  • 09/05/16

Dr Rafeal Bernabeu has been named director of the professorship by the university chancellor. The aim is to promote training and research as well as the development and dissemination of the subject matter.

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IB research on vitrification of slower developing embryos on day 5.

  • 09/01/16

There is increasing evidence to suggest an impact on endometrial receptivity during ovarian stimulation due, in part, to accelerated endometrial maturity leading to endometrium-embryo asynchrony. 

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New IB Newsletter: Creation of the first thermal gel "Incubator" that keeps the embryo temperature for the transfer

  • 08/25/16

The new Instituto Bernabeu newsletter is now available, dedicated to creation of the first thermal gel "Incubator" that keeps the embryo temperature for the transfer.

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Bernabeu Foundation delivers the scholaship for training and one year paid work to the outstandig student of the Master of Medicine

  • 08/24/16

Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Work Foundation has delivered this morning's scholarship of training and paid work to highlight student of the fifth edition of the Master of Reproductive Medicine organized by the University of Alicante and Instituto Bernabeu

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Analysis of uterine contractuality in patients with implantation failure. IB research for SEF, 2016.

  • 08/18/16

Implantation failure is one of reproductive medicine's biggest challenges and it is for this reason that our unit which specialises in its treatment is working on and researching new approaches. One of the new lines of research include approaches in order to reduce uterine contractuality so that embryo acceptance is facilitated during transfer.

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NEW ADENOMYOSIS CLASSIFICATION with a view to improving prognosis in patients with implantation failure. IB research for SEF, 2016.

  • 08/11/16

Our unit for the treatment of implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss is constantly working on new means of improving both diagnosis and treatment. One of the lines of work centres around the impact of a particular endometriosis variant known as adenomyosis.

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