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  • 12/05/16

We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". Key points to choosing Instituto Bernabeu.

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Rafael Bernabeu insists upon the importance of evaluating patient ovarian reserve in his speech at the SEISEGO Congress

  • 12/02/16

As vice-president of the Spanish Society of Gynaecology, Dr Rafael Bernabeu opened the first edition of the Refresher Course for Gynaecologists with a speech on 'The role of primary assessment gynaecologists in preserving reproductive health.

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Institute Bernabeu awarded with the Innovation Prize IN4Bankia Awards

  • 12/01/16

Instituto Bernabeu work has been recognized with the Innovation Award, granted for its application of innovative methods in the provision of its services. The award was presented during the In4Bankia Awards Gala, held at the Information Club, in which Instituto Bernabeu

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Instituto Bernabeu participation in the IV edition of the University of Alicante's Forum on Patent Rights and Biotechnology

  • 11/24/16

On 25th November, the University of Alicante will hold the IV Edition of Patent Rights and Biotechnology Event organised by Magister Lvcentinvs the centre for Master's Degree education in Industrial and Intellectual Property at the University of Alicante. 

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Second edition of the Advanced Workshop on Embryo Biopsies: Techniques and Tips for Usage'.

  • 11/22/16

Trophectoderm biopsy is currently replacing conventional biopsies because it is less invasive for the embryo and reduces damage to development.

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Instituto Bernabeu Alicante participates in the XXXVI Congress of the Belgian Society of Reproductive Medicine (BSRM)

  • 11/17/16

Instituto Bernabeu Alicante participates in the XXXVI Congress of the Belgian Society of Reproductive Medicine (BSRM), held in the Belgian city of Mons, on the 18th and 19th of November. 

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New IB Newsletter: The greatest gift you can give your children is not passing on an hereditary disease.

  • 11/15/16

We have launched a new issue of Instituto Bernabeu corporate newsletter "IB Newsletter". In this occasion, to inform you about the Genetic Compatibility Test carried out at Instituto Bernabeu Biotech, that allows to detect more than 600 hereditary diseases that we can pass on to our future children.


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An Event on Nursing and Reproductive Medicine aimed at students, nurses and midwives organised by Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena

  • 11/11/16

Instituto Bernabeu organised a free nursing and reproductive medicine training event which was aimed at student nurses, practising nurses, midwives and experts in the field as a whole. It was held on 10th November at the Santa Maria del Rossell University General Hospital and there were around one hundred attendees.

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The Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstretrics has turned to Instituto Bernabeu to write their clinical guide on 'Genetic studies in reproduction disorders'

  • 11/07/16

The Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) has turned to Instituto Bernabeu to write about 'Genetic Studies in Reproduction Disorders. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Pre-conception counselling' for the society's clinical guide. The guide is a framework document including protocols edited as a means of support for Spanish gynaecologists in their professional fields and which include methods and techniques for medical practice.

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Is donor sperm necessary when working with patients who have had a vasectomy? IB research for SEF, 2016.

  • 11/02/16

One might think that, after having had a vasectomy, a man may then only father children using donor sperm because sperm retrieved directly from the testicles of a patient who has had a vasectomy might be associated with doubts regarding the outcome.

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