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Video interview with the speakers of the Instituto Bernabeu International Conference on Advances in Reproductive Medicine

  • 10/16/19

The recent international congress Meeting The Experts provided relevant reviews and information on the latest scientific advances in the treatment of reproductive problems. We were able to interview all the speakers that clarified these aspects. Here are all the videos of the interviews to broaden and complete their contribution.

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Dr Bernabeu addresses medical and healthcare aspects of cross-border reproductive medicine at the University of Alicante

  • 10/15/19

Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu, has addressed medical and healthcare aspects of cross-border reproductive medicine in a gathering of experts in law organised by the University of Alicante (UA).  The seminar, entitled ‘Multi-disciplinary outlooks for studying healthcare in cross-border reproduction’, was held on 23rd September and gynaecologist Dr Bernabeu delivered the specialist’s point of view on the subject. The event was organised by the Department of Civil Law and it was attended by full professors and associate professors in Sociology and Civil Law.

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IBBiotech research into the genetic variants associated with ovarian response is championed in the Pharmacogenetics and Genomics Journal

  • 10/08/19

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, a specialist journal, recently published Instituto Bernabeu research work into ovarian reserve and pharmacogenetics, a subject in which the clinic is a leading entity and pioneer. The research was managed by Dr Belén Lledó, Scientific Director of Instituto Bernabeu Biotech, and it addressed the relevance of individual screening of the genetic variants in terms of ovarian response prediction. The aim was to determine if the polymorphisms in some genes involved in ovarian follicle maturation can predict ovarian response.

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Instituto Bernabeu research investigates the impact of the vaginal microbiome on assisted reproduction treatment results

  • 10/03/19

The Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG) has cited the conclusions that were reached during the research

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Instituto Bernabeu brings the third edition of the international Meeting the Experts event to a close

  • 09/30/19

Instituto Bernabeu has brought the third edition of the international Meeting the Experts event for specialists in the field of reproductive medicine (27th and 28th September) to a close. The event was held in the Alicante facilities and 140 experts including gynaecologists, geneticists, biologists, molecular biologists, pharmacists and artificial intelligence specialists from China, USA, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, England, Italy and Switzerland met there to exchange knowledge and experiences.

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Dr Llácer addresses the profile of patients with poor ovarian response at the Next Now Theramex international gathering in Valencia

  • 09/20/19

Dr Joaquín Llácer, Medical Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu, participated in Next Now Theramex Fertility held in Valencia on 20th and 21st September. International experts in the field attended the professional event. Dr Llácer, who is a gynaecologist, addressed the impact of genetic polymorphisms on ovarian response. Poor ovarian reserve is one of the most common issues in the field of reproductive medicine and Dr Llácer is a renowned specialist in this area. He manages the department dedicated to this issue at Instituto Bernabeu.

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Instituto Bernabeu researches new ways of optimising oocyte retrieval during ovarian stimulation in donation cycles

  • 09/18/19

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted research work about optimisation of ovarian stimulation in oocyte donation cycles to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The research involves using oral progesterone instead of the GnRH antagonist, the alternative pharmaceutical drug that has traditionally been used to control when ovulation takes place. The main advantage of this strategy is how easy it is for patients because it entails fewer injections.

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Dr Jorge Ten joins a workshop on embryo culture held in Valencia

  • 09/17/19

Dr Jorge Ten, Manager of the Embryology Unit at Instituto Bernabeu, will participate today, Tuesday 17th September, in a CooperSurgical workshop held in Valencia and entitled ‘Experiences using LifeGlobal Total LP (5mg) Culture Media’. The event on embryo culture brings together embryology managers so that they can present their experience and most recent results with this embryo culture and transfer medium.

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The American Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics references research work on fluorescence in situ hybridisation sperm analyses and the results obtained in assisted reproduction techniques

  • 09/12/19

The August 2019 issue of the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG) referenced research work about abnormal sperm analysis using the FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation) diagnosis technique and in which Instituto Bernabeu is participating. This specialist journal, which is published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), accepted the research on the use of FISH in assisted reproduction techniques which involves analysis of part of the chromosomal make-up of spermatozoa.

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Instituto Bernabeu research reveals similarities between pregnancy results using Embryoglue® and other conventional culture media

  • 09/11/19

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted research work to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), the leading worldwide entity in the field of reproductive medicine. The purpose of the research was to understand if using Embryoglue® as the culture medium for embryo transfer to the mother's uterus improves results.

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