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Instituto Bernabeu - Palma de Mallorca

The Instituto Bernabeu clinic is right in the very heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca. You’ll find it right opposite El Corte Inglés at the beginning of Avenida de Aragón. 

The clinic is over 600 meters in size and spread over two floors that are connected by a waterfall. It is equipped with avant-garde technology including two laboratories – one for andrology and another for embryology – a gamete and embryo cryoconservation area, an operating theatre and three rooms; a hysteroscopy room and four gynaecology, fertility and consultation rooms; offices and areas with an inviting atmospheres where patients feel assured that they are being very well looked after in an environment that respects their privacy. 

We use the very latest developments in genetics and reproductive medicine as well as new techniques developed by the specific healthcare units that focus on poor ovarian reserve and embryo implantation failure. Everything is handled by an interdisciplinary and professional team of staff who have been trained to provide patients with personalised healthcare in their native language.


Instituto Bernabeu Palma de Mallorca

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