Support for NGOs

Support for NGOs

Instituto Bernabeu has shown great sensitivity since its incorporation to social, ethical and human aspects of its healthcare activities. Likewise we have always felt obliged to collaborate to the best we can in those activities and organisations which contribute to the improvement of levels of healthcare and culture of our surroundings. To that end we help and support the most underprivileged social groups.

Among the help and collaborative activity we undertake with non-governmental organisations and patient associations, here are a few that we would like to highlight:

  • Nazaret. Support of their programme: Mothers and children at high risk. The initiative is focussed on newborns, babies and children up to 6 years of age who live in situations of poverty, marginalisation and violence.
  • Cocemfe. The Spanish Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disability is an NGO which was created in 1980 to promote and defend the improvement of living conditions for the 1.5 million people living with disabilities in Spain.
  • Children’s Villages, Renowned as a “company building the future” we help the organisation with the running of the Madrid Village.

In addition the Foundation gives periodic donations to NGOs and other foundations like Médcins sans frontiers, 1000 Foundation for the research into congenital defects and Help in Action, among others, all standing out for their selfless humanitarian and social work.


Support for NGOs Support for NGOs Support for NGOs Support for NGOs Support for NGOs Support for NGOs


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