Ana Paula Cerdán - Instituto Bernabeu

Ana Paula Cerdán

A psychologist with specialist training in General Psychology

Specialist Master's Course in Clinical Psychology at the Centre for Behaviour Therapy, Valencia (2007-2009). Specialist training in cognitive behavioural therapy focussing on empirical techniques and the laws of learning. Although there are significant differences (physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses) between us when we are born, most human behaviour is based upon what we learn and perpetuate during infancy, adolescence and adult life.  Emotional issues are the product of poor learning. A functional analysis of behaviour across its three responses (cognitive responses: thought; physiological responses: emotions and feelings; and motor responses: behaviour) facilitates efficient assessment and treatment of issues that require emotional support.

Extensive experience in treatment of emotional disorders in adults, adolescents and children including depression; anxiety; panic disorders and agoraphobia; hypochondria; post-traumatic stress; social phobias; specific phobias; obsessive compulsive disorders; couple therapy; anger issues; behaviour modification; eating disorders; addictions and so on.

Patient care at Instituto Bernabeu since 2018: assessment, treatment and support throughout the process.

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