Embryo Adoption

Why not adoptan embryo?

An increasingly widespread option to solve fertility problems or to access motherhood in case of women with no masculine partner is the embryo adoption.

Is a completely anonymous process, based on using previously frozen embryos.

The embryos come from couples who have undergone Assisted Reproduction treatments and after achieving been parents they have decided to donate the remaining embryos to other couples.

The embryo adoption avoids hormonal treatments, complex procedures and high economic costs, as usually happen in other Assisted Reproduction Techniques. By taking in frozen embryos, we give the patients the possibility of enjoy pregnancy, labor and raising a baby.

With the current vitrification techniques the results are very satisfactory. The embryo survival rate after defrosting exceeds 90% and the clinical pregnancy rate after transferring two embryos is over 45%.

At IB embryo adoption do not require waiting list, and being the embryos cryopreserved, is only required an endometrial preparation of the recipient woman and to proceed to the defrosting and transfer of the embryo in the same day.

The treatment for the preparation of the mother’s uterus is very easy and consists in administer some oral pills or estrogen cutaneous patches until the embryo transfer, and afterwards a progesterone vaginal ovules, is the same procedure as in an own frozen embryos transfer cycle. It is normally only necessary a previous ultrasound scan control.


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