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Aránzazu Bosch

Aránzazu Bosch

Aránzazu Bosch Villegas graduated in Biology at the University of Murcia in 2013. She obtained a Master’s Degree in the Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction speciality at University of Valencia in 2015.

During her years of international experience as an embryologist, she has cultivated her passion for reproductive genetics, specialising in Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counselling at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Furthermore, until 2021 she has been an associate professor at University of Alicante in the Human Fertility Master’s Degree.

She’s a member of national and international scientific societies related to Assisted Reproduction (ASEBIR and ESHRE) and has collaborated in several research projects presented at conferences.

She currently supervises the Assisted Reproduction laboratory at Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena.

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