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The effect of embryo freezing on birth weight. IB research

Embryo freezing consists of preserving embryos at temperatures below zero whilst ensuring their integrity so that they might later be transferred to the female uterus. Research carried out in Instituto Bernabeu was recently presented at the ESHRE Annual Meeting which took...

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Spanish Andrology Society (ASESA) first prize for the best original research work

The research work, which was given the award by the Spanish Andrology Society (ASESA) during the Ángel Bayo Prize's eighth edition, is entitled ‘Study of structural damage after sperm immobilisation prior to intracytoplasmic sperm injection in teratozoospermic...

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IB Research: The importance of chromosomal studies in patients with chromosomal abnormalities in embryos

Thanks to developments in Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) techniques which provide us with information on the chromosomal constitution of embryos, it is possible to determine which embryos present chromosomal abnormalities and study possible related issues. In this...

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IB research work: correct oocyte final maturation

A retrospective analysis of dual trigger maturation (hCG + agonist GnRH) in IVF/ICSI cycles in normal responder patients. Assisted reproduction treatment generally involves administration of multiple drugs (most of which are injectable) in order to achieve adequate oocyte...

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Instituto Bernabeu is awarded the QH recognition of Quality Healthcare Excellence

In Madrid on 25th June, we received the Institute for Healthcare Development and Integration (IDIS) QH (Quality Healthcare) accreditation. This recognition system values excellence in care and safety in health organisations. Applications were made by over 75 medical centres...

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Edition IV of the University of Alicante-Instituto Bernabeu postgraduate Masters course in Reproductive Medicine. Registration period now open

Since 12th June and up until 30th September, specialists wishing to gain additional training in the field of Reproductive Medicine may complete the registration process for the 4th edition of the Master's degree (non-official) co-organised by the University of Alicante's...

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Specialised IB unit for the treatment of endometriosis

Right from the very early days in Instituto Bernabeu, we have addressed the matter of endometriosis in a very specific manner, focusing particularly on its effect on fertility. As a result, we have both gynaecologists and specialised diagnosis technology which has enabled us...

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Oral presentation in ESHRE, 2015: Altered FISH in sperm, would you be indicated Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)?

Our colleague, Belén Lledó, Scientific Director of Instituto Bernabeu Biotech, presented one of the 10 pieces of research work accepted by the scientific committee for ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) a few moments ago. This is the...

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Study on the most appropriate time for carrying out embryo biopsy. IB research work accepted for oral presentation in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Annual Meeting (ESHRE)

Embryo biopsy for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and/or comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) has traditionally been carried out during day 3 of embryo development. However, further to recently published research, this biopsy procedure is nowadays considered...

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Ten items of research work will be presented in the ESHRE 2015 International Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology(ESHRE) is the most significant international gathering of specialists in the field of reproductive medicine. Our group, Instituto Bernabeu, will play a very active role in the 31stedition since...

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