How to donate ovocites

In a number of occasions a due to different causes (age, hereditary illnesses and previous surgical interventions, etc.) the ovary looses its capacity to produce healthy ovocites creating a complication for conception.

Women in this situation depend from the help offered by others who participate in the Ovocites Donation Program, and following the latest legislation.

The great majority of young donors are always very please to contribute, sometimes repeating the process, feeling proud of having helped someone else fulfil their wish to become mother.

Donors are anonymous and are chosen after going through a strict selection process they must provide compatible ovocites for the receptive woman.

Ovocites donor requirements

  • Women between 18-35 years f age.
  • They must hold a family history clear of any genetic disorders.
  • Normal karyotype (Chromosomal study).
  • They must be screened and get negative results for genetic illnesses.
  • Negative results concerning sexually transmitted illnesses: AIDS, hepatitis B and C, syphilis.
  • Normal reproductory system.
  • Mentally and physically healthy.
  • Adequate fertility history or good response to ovarian stimulation treatment.
  • Adequate body mass index

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