The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male and female′s urinary tract and urogenital system as well as problems relating to the male′s reproductory system.

The most common reasons for men′s urological consultation include:

Prostate illnesses

After the age of 50, it is very important that men get themselves checked by an Urologist, above all if presenting difficulty urinating or having to got to empty the bladder too many times at night. At the Instituto Bernabeu, by taking a simple test like rectal tact or the measurement of the PSA in blood, is possible an initial diagnose of our patients, diagnose that sometimes is completed by an abdominal ultrasound scan or prostate biopsy done with an transrectal ultrasound scan, which allows us to early diagnose certain illnesses - including prostate cancer - that require a specific treatment in each case.


Phimosis is defined as tightness of the preputial ring with resultant inability to retract a fully differentiated foreskin. In other words, the foreskin is so tight it cannot be pulled back completely to reveal the glans. Frequently found when men begin to have sexual relations. It can equally be found on more mature men, that no having had this complication in their earlier life, begin to develop it causing a big hygienic problem and in some cases making bladder emptying very difficult. In other cases, the problem lies in the shortness of the preputial skin that makes the penis curve uncomfortably especially when having sexual relations.

Treatment of this condition is always through surgical proceedings, using local anaesthetic, however, not requiring hospitalisation. Circumcision is the removal of the tight preputial skin that prevents penis movement, keeping always an eye on the aesthetic result of the intervention.

Sexually transmitted diseases

This group of infections appear in different ways according to their origin, highlighting the secretion of urethral pus, pain and testicular inflammation, discomfort when urinating or coetaneous conditions that fundamentally affect the penis or inguinal area. In most cases sexual contact is to blame for the infection and is necessary to get a precise diagnose in order to apply the correct treatment.

Other reasons for consulting an urologist are impotence, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculation disorders.

Women′s urology consultation

Urinary infections or cystitis

Is the principal cause to pay a visit to the urologist; affects usually women in the reproductive age. Among the symptoms we can list itchiness or even pain while urinating, and urine containing blood. When it happens very often, a visit to the urologist is recommended in order to establish the reasons as to why is happening and to apply the best treatment available to prevent it from reappearing.

Urinary Incontinence

Involuntary loss of urine deteriorates life quality for women who suffer from it. The urologist check up consists of writing a detailed clinical history orientated to find the facts that cause the said loss, this could as well be the result of an important physical effort or an unstoppable urge to empty the bladder. A physical exploration is always done by us in order to find the reason for the incontinence.

An urodynamic test is available so that a study of the bladder and the sphincter can be done in circumstances similar to real life.

Treatment for this disorder depends on the type of incontinence presented by the patient; a high percentage of good results have been experienced using orally administered drugs as well as surgical procedures.

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