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On Friday 16 November. Course in Reproductive Medicine for residents and on training physicians

Instituto Bernabeu has organized this intensive training day for physicians on the 16 th of November. The session is focused on the latest news on the reproductive treatment, such as poor ovarian response, implantation failure and repeated miscarriage or the new stimulation...

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New IB Unit for the diagnosis and treatment of Klinefelter's Syndrome

Klinefelter's Syndrome is the first genetic cause of male infertility. Until recently, men with this syndrome had to resign to not being biological fathers. Instituto Bernabeu's specialists in finding individual solutions have developed a protocol that has provided hope to...

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The latest IB research works on Fertility you can’t miss out on”

We have recently updated our section " Research and Development " so you can easily and conveniently find and download our latest scientific publications. With this measure we would like to transmit to our patients and colleagues that on our daily routine care we...

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New: Specialized care for high-risk pregnancy subunit

The Instituto Bernabeu Pregnancy and Obstetric Department has created a sub-specialization with professionals and specific treatment protocols for a comprehensive approach of high-risk pregnancy patients. The new subunit has the most modern technological equipment, also...

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Prenatal diagnosis: 15 years of performing chorionic villus sampling exclusively in the province of Alicante

15 years ago, Instituto Bernabeu became the pioneer in offering chorionic villus sampling for prenatal diagnosis of birth defects and illnesses. During this time, dozens of patients have benefited from this technique, since it is the earliest that can be done (around the 10th...

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New edition of the IB newsletter: Special dedicated to our unit dedicated to implantation failure and repeat miscarriage.

The new edition of the IB newsletter is now available, the online magazine of Instituto Bernabeu that keeps you updated about news in reproductive medicine. This edition is dedicated entirely to the revolutionary multidisciplinary unit that covers all the therapeutic and...

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Recertification for the 6th Consecutive Year in ISO 9001:2008 and SEP

 The entire Instituto Bernabeu group has recertified its ISO 9001:2008 and SEP (Excellent Private Heathcare) quality standards with the grade of Excellence in all of its centers and departments. These were given by the external certification agencies DNV and Instituto...

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New IB Unit for the Diagnosis and Reproductive Treatment of Asherman's Syndrome

"Treatment tailored to real needs". Under this basis, inherent in the way we work and care for our patients, we have designed into the Instituto Bernabeu unit implantation failure and repeat miscarriage a specific department to address symptoms...

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Thanks to you: the 4000 fans that trust Instituto Bernabeu, together we have become pioneers of social networks and fertility

True to our principle of tailoring medical treatment to each patient, we are committed to listening to their needs by transforming our website to 2.0 and approaching their concerns through the new online tools that were implemented a few years ago in order to provide our own...

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Organization of the First Multidisciplinary Meeting for Pregnancy and Thrombophilia

This meeting will be held this Friday, June 8 at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena auditorium. It will address the latest advances in the treatment of thrombophilia in reproductive processes such as embryonic implantation failure , repeat...

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