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New IB Boletín: We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena!

New IB Boletín: We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena! See  

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Research IB: Chromosomal differences between eggs from advance age patients and eggs from young age egg donors

When a couple makes the decision of having a child, one of their main concerns is that the pregnancy goes to term and of course the child is born healthy. A miscarriage occurs in about 10-15% of pregnancies and their origin is diverse, but the most common causes are...

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The Instituto Bernabeu Foundation will donate € 25,000 in scholarships for Biology, Medicine and Nursing students with financial difficulties

The current social situation and the increased of the university fees in our country make it increasingly difficult the access to higher education, so this new year we are launching our scholarship program training.   Continuing the social commitment of Instituto...

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Six research papers accepted for the annual meeting of the British Society of Human Reproduction

One more year we feel very fortunate that the most important meeting of reproductive medicine professionals of Great Britain has accepted six research papers conducted by researchers at the Instituto Bernabeu. These developments will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the...

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Strategies for a new ovarian stimulation after unsuccessful treatment: new publication

It has been recently published the 20th volume of the journal "Journal of Reproductive Medicine" a recent study by the Instituto Bernabeu addressing multidisciplinary strategies to cope with a new treatment when the previous one has been unsuccessful. New designs to...

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Annual summary of the charitable activities of Instituto Bernabeu

One year, it is rewarding to inform our patients that thanks to their help entrusting their treatment and care, we have been able to articulate through our Foundation "Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation” in this year 2014, at least 0.7% of our billing, which do...

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University Encounter: XIV Conference on Women, Biology and Health

On the 27th and 28th of November, it took place the "XIV Conference on Women, Biology and Health" that every year aims to analyse the main issues affecting women in our society. Many problems historically drawn by prejudice and false scientific arguments that mask...

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Instituto Bernabeu participation in the V Conference of Reproductive Endocrinology

On Thursday 20th November took place in Madrid the V Conference on Reproductive Endocrinology and this year has been about "Endocrine disorders and Reproduction" This event brings together every year the Spanish experts in reproductive endocrinology to put in...

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Dr. Bernabeu and Dr. Ten participation at the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction

A few days ago it was held the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction, organized by the Tambre Madrid clinic. On Wednesday, November 12th, Dr. Jorge Ten presented a talk titled, "Choosing the best embryo: Present and Future" in the module "Advances...

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Dr. Ten participation in the ADVANCED VITRIFICATION WORKSHOP of Athens

This coming Saturday, November 22nd, will take place in Athens a workshop on oocyte and embryo vitrification entitled "Advanced Vitrification Workshop". It is organized by the Greek Society of Embriology (PEKE) and will feature Dr. Jorge Ten as a speaker and...

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