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Thin endometrium: can vascularization influence in egg donation outcome?

Within ultrasound investigations Instituto Bernabeu who have been admitted to the international congress "24th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology" that will take place this September in Barcelona, we will present this study in which the...

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Registration period open for the III Master in Reproductive Medicine University of Alicante-Instituto Bernabeu

Until September 17th you may send your application forms all specialists interested in supplementing their training in the field of Reproductive Medicine under the title of Postgraduate emerged from the collaboration between the Department of Biotechnology of the Science...

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Trophoblastic vascularization study through angiopowerdoppler at week 9 of spontaneous pregnancies and after assisted reproduction techniques

Within ultrasound investigations Instituto Bernabeu who have been admitted to the international congress "24th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology" that this September will take place in Barcelona, we present this study led by Dr Francisco...

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University of Alicante-Instituto Bernabeu Summer Course.Challenges of Reproductive Medicine in the 21st Century

"Challenges of Reproductive Medicine in the 21st Century" is the title under which this summer you can supplement your training or intellectual curiosity with the proposal we offer you from the Rafael Altamira summer courses at the University of Alicante.  ...

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Official Awrads Ceremony of the II Master in Reproduction Medicine

Last Friday, at Instituto Bernabeu Auditorium in Alicante, it was held a moving ceremony, in which the II Master in Reproductive Medicine of Alicante University and Instituto Bernabeu students were awarded with their diplomas.   Professor Joaquín de Juan...

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Six Instituto Bernabeu research papers accepted for the European Congress of Fertility (ESHRE)

Instituto Bernabeu presents his latest research in the six papers that the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) committee has accepted for its annual conference, to be held from 29th of June to 2nd of July in Munich. It is the largest annual gathering...

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Publication in Pharmacogenomics: Our latest study on poor ovarian response genetics

The prestigious international journal Pharmacogenomics, in its current issue, has released the latest Instituto Bernabeu research. This research is a clear example of the desire of our medical team for customizing the treatments of each and every couple, who come to...

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ASPID Marketing Award to our “Pregnancy Assurance” video.

Last Monday in Madrid we received one of the highest recognitions given to healthcare marketing actions in the ASPID (Latin American advertising awards health and pharmacy) Gala Award, in the category of "visual" for our video “Pregnancy Assurance”. The...

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14 Research communications to be presented at the National Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF)

Instituto Bernabeu presented their latest research in the 14 communications accepted to the committee of the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) for its annual conference to be held from the 29th to the 31st May in Barcelona.   The conclusions of the work come from the...

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What is the best option for patients of advanced maternal age? Vitrified eggs or embryos?

The multifactorial study was presented in a communication to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) conference to be held in Barcelona next week.   In recent years, an increasing number of patients with advanced ages are seeking assisted reproductive treatment to achieve...

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