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In vitro fertilization Egg donation Combined Embryo Adoption R.O.P.A guarantee (lesbian couples)

What is the pregnancy guarantee?

  • Complete guarantee of a normal pregnancy.
  • 100% refund in case of unsuccessful result.
  • Eliminates our patients' risk and uncertainty.
  • Our medical commitment to all couples who struggle conceiving a child.
  • Unique "all inclusive" service in reproductive medicine with all the necessary tests included.

Why does Instituto Bernabeu offer this guarantee?

  • Because we trust in our work and excellent results.
  • Because we want to convey the confidence and reassurance to our patients that they will achieve their goal of becoming parents.
  • Because we have the best staff, tools and research to apply the techniques needed to achieve success.
  • Because at Instituto Bernabeu we personalize each treatment, giving us the best results.

What does the pregnancy guarantee include?

  • Ongoing pregnancy, counted as 180 days from date of embryo transfer (time when it can be obstetrically viable.)
  • Personalized evaluation of each case. State of the art, personalized medical care.
  • Massage or acupuncture around time of transfer.
  • Ultrasound scans, blood tests, check-ups and tests throughout the entire treatment.
  • Three fresh treatments and all resulting frozen embryo transfers.
  • Previous endometrial scratching to facilitate embryo nesting.
  • Embryo vitrification, and storage of the frozen embryos during the validity of the guarantee.
  • All the In Vitro Fertilization laboratory processes (EmbryoScope Primo Vision Time-Lapse incubator, long blastocyst culture and CCS genetic study of the embryo if medically recommended).
  • Sperm freezing and storage.
  • 18-month validity.

Reasons to trust

First clinic in

to offer global pregnancy assurance

We guarantee
your pregnancy

or we will refund 100% of the amount paid


within 18 months

We eliminate
risk and uncertainty

and we offer confidence and tranquillity

A great team of professionals

committed to our patients

29 years of

guarantee our work

The most innovative techniques

in infertility and reproductive genetics

Clear and fixed prices

with everything included and no surprises


and individualized treatment in all cycles

Request information with no obligation
+34 965 05 14 14

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