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Dr. Bernabeu and Dr. Ten participation at the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction

A few days ago it was held the VI International Symposium on Assisted Reproduction, organized by the Tambre Madrid clinic. On Wednesday, November 12th, Dr. Jorge Ten presented a talk titled, "Choosing the best embryo: Present and Future" in the module "Advances...

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Dr. Ten participation in the ADVANCED VITRIFICATION WORKSHOP of Athens

This coming Saturday, November 22nd, will take place in Athens a workshop on oocyte and embryo vitrification entitled "Advanced Vitrification Workshop". It is organized by the Greek Society of Embriology (PEKE) and will feature Dr. Jorge Ten as a speaker and...

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Dr Bernabeu participation in the University Conference on the occasion of the Year of Biotechnology in Spain

On the occasion of the declaration of 2014 as the year of Biotechnology in Spain, the Department of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Alicante, Instituto Bernabeu organizes a training course scheduled for tomorrow, 21st November with the title "Conference on...

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Dr. Bernabeu granted with an Award for his career path by the Spanish Medical Association

The Spanish Medical Association recognized "the values of the medical profession: altruism, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, empathy and solidarity."   Dr Rafael Bernabeu was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Spanish Medical...

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We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena!

  Since we arrived at the Cartagena region, about 4000 women have relied on us to bring solution to their fertility problems, having launched over 2,000 treatments, the fruit of which have more than 1000 children born Carthaginians.   The clinic pioneered in 2004...

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Collaboration with medical students

Once again this year we have collaborated with the National Congress of Students of Medicine 32nd Edition, not only economically through support from our Foundation. He was also invited Dr Rafael Bernabeu as a speaker with an interesting lecture: "Present and Future of...

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Theory and Practice intensive course of Stem Cells and Human Clinical Embryology

The tandem between the Department of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Alicante and Instituto Bernabeu has organized this new course to extend participants  knowledge on the cell cycle, types or varieties of stem cells, the different models used in the research...

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“Ovarian response and egg quality biomarkers”. Dr. Joaquín Llácer conference

Today Friday 17th of October at the XIII Congress of the SOGCV (Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Valencia) to be held at the General Hospital of Alicante, Dr. Llácer, unit director of the Instituto Bernabeu for the treatment of  low ovarian response ,...

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New scientific publication on ovarian reserve in Reproductive Biomedicine Online (RBM Online)

In this issue, the prestigious international journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online (Online RBM) has published the latest Instituto Bernabeu research work.   This research work titled “ANDROGEN RECEPTOR CAG REPEAT LENGTH IS ASSOCIATED WITH OVARIAN RESERVE BUT...

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Our Charitable Foundation Sponsors International Operatic Contest in the City of Elda

As part of our commitment to promote cultural projects, our “Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation” sponsored the international operatic contest that is held annually in Elda, hosting prominent artists in this arena. The awards ceremony, which was  true...

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