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Conservation bank of egg donor DNA

Patients who require donated gametes as part of their fertility treatment can now be provided with the DNA of the donor, thanks to the donor DNA bank at Instituto Bernabeu. This is especially important if your child has a future medical situation that may require the...

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New Web section: Timed Intercourse

This new section aims to bring a simple alternative to young couples who have taken little time in trying to get pregnant or couples who have infertility of unknown origin and are looking for a natural and simple alternative before initiating a more complex treatment. Go to

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The importance of accurate 3D and 4D ultrasound scans

It is often mistakenly considered that 3D and 4D ultrasound scans only serve to see the face of the baby prior to birth. This has even led to the opening of foetal photo studios. But the biggest advantage that the 4D scan gives us is that it helps us monitor the correct...

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Beta- Thalassemia study: Expansion of IB Biotech services.

IB BIOTECH, the genetic laboratory of Instituto Bernabeu, has recently expanded its portfolio of genetic counselling with this new study. Thalassemias include a group of disorders caused by defects in the synthesis of one or more globin chains (a component of hemoglobin in...

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Third Annual Children’s Drawing Contest: Motherhood Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation

The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation, the charitable foundation of Instituto Bernabeu, announces the 3rd edition of its "Children Drawing Contest" which revolves around the theme of motherhood. The aim is to stimulate creativity in early childhood and award recognition for...

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New car park: extension of the IB Alicante facilities.

Two plots of land have been added to the existing clinic in Alicante. This has enabled the creation of a larger parking area and gardens. Now the car park has a total of 46 parking spaces and measures a total of 1.300 m2. This initiative has been carried out to offer free and...

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in developed countries.There are risk factors which means that it is a multifactorial disease.Some factors are personal or "intrinsic" (for example, genetic load) and other factors are related to habits...

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Analysis of ovarian reserve, AMH (AMH)

Recently a new technique has been developed to measure Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH). This hormone allows us to find out with great certainty the ovarian reserve, i.e. the exact period a woman is at her most fertile. It can be determined from a blood sample and can be done at...

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Participation of the Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu: The role of corporate responsibility in society

Our Foundation Rafael Bernabeu has been invited to present our commitment to social activities and our lines of action (training, health, women and children) during the formal presentation of the José Serna Foundation on Thursday, 7 October in the Virgen del Mar...

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During the homage to Professor Santiago Dexeus Font on the 75th anniversary of his Gynaecology school, the Director of the department of gynaecology and gynaecologic oncology at Instituto Bernabeu, Dr. Eduardo Vilaplana, has been invited to open the session, "Lower...

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