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Participation in the 11th Annual National Meeting of Marfan Syndrome patients

The Association of People Affected with Marfan Syndrome, (SIMA) held its eleventh Annual Marfan Syndrome meeting in Benidorm from 10th to 13th March which included a presentation by Dr Rafael Bernabeu, who explained Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (DGP) and the alternatives...

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The 7th Annual Human Reproduction MAGISTER course: “oocyte vitrificacion”

The master's course is organised by the Sanish Fertility Society and the faculty of Medicine at the University Complutense in Madrid. Dr Jorge Ten will be taking part once more with a presentation to be give this Saturday, "Oocyte vitrification, Basic aspects." Dr...

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Dr Belén Lledó’s Paper: omics as a non-invasive egg and embryo selection instrument.

Today from a scientific point of view we are facing an era of "-omics": genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics. In her paper, "omics" as a non-invasive egg and embryo selection instrument" she will outline how we can undertake new...

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Lecture by Dr Jorge Ten, Current Assessment of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

The lecture is part of the 3rd Annual Medical Update for Reproductive Health Professionals organised by the University Hospital, Ribera, and will be held on Thursday, 17 February. Dr Ten's presentation represents an update of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and assesses the...

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New international publication: Embryo Metabolomics

One of the main limitations of assisted reproduction techniques is the rate of embryo implantation. Success rates of assisted reproduction techniques can be increased through the adequate selection of an embryo with the greatest implantation ability. One method of embryo...

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Dr Joaquín Llácer will participate in the course "Current Issues in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction"

On February 3, Dr Joaquin Llácer will participate as a keynote speaker during the course, "Current Issues in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction". This course which has been organised by the Universities of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid Autonomous...

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First Assisted Reproduction meeting of the Spanish southeast.

The meeting targets assisted reproduction professionals and addresses the controversies surrounding Artificial Insemination (AI). One of the keynote speakers will be Dr Fernando Araico, director of Instituto Bernabeu, Cartagena. Dr Araico's lecture, "Adjuvant factors...

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Instituto Bernabeu - social networks and Web 2.0

Instituto Bernabeu , while intertwining contact with patients with innovation, is now active on the top social networking sites promoting interface with their users. In January we launch a blog/forum on discussing weekly topics with the direct...

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3rd Annual Children’s Drawing Competition on Motherhood Award Ceremony

The award ceremony for the 3rd Annual Children's Drawing Competition on Motherhood took place on Thursday, 13 January at 18:00 at the FNAC store in Alicante. It was attended by all the prize winners and runners-up who could see their artwork displayed. The event closed with a...

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