Poor ovarian response

Why does a low ovarian reserve exist?

More and more women are delaying motherhood to later in life due to personal, work or family-related reasons.

We know that the ovarian reserve, meaning the number and quality of the eggs contained in the ovaries, diminishes with age, which means that it becomes increasingly difficult to conceive naturally or even through conventional assisted reproduction techniques.

A woman’s ovarian reserve is what marks her reproductive future. This limited and measurable ovarian reserve tells us the number of eggs a woman has, the quality of these eggs and what we can expect from an assisted reproduction treatment.

An independent unit of IB for treating low ovarian reserve

The correct treatment of patients with this pathology is a challenge for assisted reproduction specialists and requires very specific knowledge.

At Instituto Bernabeu, we have an exclusive team of trained specialists that are prepared to treat the specific needs of low ovarian response.En el Instituto Bernabeu contamos con un equipo exclusivo de especialistas, formado y preparado para tratar las particularidades de la Poor ovarian response.

This multidisciplinary unit, directed by Dr. Joaquín Llácer and consisting of medical specialists in reproductive medicine, molecular biology, genetics and biology of reproduction, is aimed at taking care of these couples.

Poor ovarian response

What is the ovarian reserve unit’s multidisciplinary approach?

The IB low ovarian response unit provides patients with the latest innovations for diagnosis and treatment: specific and state-of-the-art laboratories, 4D gynaecology ultrasound scans for ovarian and uterine vascular studies and prognostic genetic markers, Array-CGH, among other tests to design their treatment.

At the same time, genetic and molecular biology studies are applied that help us make very important decisions about prognoses.

Advantages of the independent IB ovarian reserve unit

With all of these tests, we provide our patients with innovative and above all, personalised treatments that meet the specific needs of each woman with the goal of improving ovarian response and endometrial receptiveness.

These specific treatments are based on previous preparation and short ovarian stimulation with new combinations of medication, which is not always injected.

Encouraging results are being achieved in many patients who would otherwise need to turn to egg donation.

Poor ovarian response

As evidence of our commitment, our project "Androgen receptor polymorphisms are associated with poor ovarian response", which focuses on the best applications in the treatment of patients with low ovarian response, was granted the 2nd place award from ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) for the best conference poster at the annual meeting 2012, held in San Diego (California).

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